Ghost shrimp

Is there a trick to keeping ghost shrimp?
I have tried to keep them a few times and was able to keep a handful alive a few years ago at my old house but since I’ve moved, I haven’t been able to.

I have had planted tanks for them and they’ve been in gravel and on sand
Unfortunately I don’t know my previous house tap water levels but I do know my new houses levels so if I could get some help I would appreciate it because I’m trying to set up a tank for them to possibly breed so I can use them as feeders for my axolotls
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 5-10ppm
pH: 6.0 (I know to use crushed coral now and I’ve recently started to use Seachem alkaline buffer as well, explanation to come when i get to KH)
GH: 13-18
KH: 2 (I use 1/4tsp of Seachem Alkaline Buffer per 2.5 gallons now to raise my KH to 5, so with that- the KH will be 5, or I could raise it more if I need to but since my axolotls are in at 5, I hope 5 is a good number for them) (and since I use this, it raises the pH as well typically between 7.4 and 8.0, it’s hard to really tell what it is because the colors look similar to me)
temp was 77-79. they were housed with guppies and if they can’t be kept with them again, I won’t but I’m hoping to get guppies as well
I’ve used anubias plants, Java ferns, Christmas moss, guppy grass

the tanks I have are a 10 gallon, 20 gallon long, and a 40 gallon breeder tank. I have tried to keep them in the 20 gallon long and would preferably keep them in this tank again, as I have a space for the 20 long rather than no space for the 40 breeder.
I have also used sponge filters every time too, except the one time I had a HOB and that was the time they lived. There have been a lot of hiding spots for them too, which I would continue to do. I have a lot of extra hides to allow this.
Would I be better with ghost shrimp or cherry shrimp? It doesn’t matter whether it’s one or the other.
would I be better to keep guppies with them or mollies or platies?
What’s the best way to acclimate them after bringing them home from a store? I do intend to quarantine them before adding them to an axolotl tank

after QTing, how should I acclimate them to an axolotl tank?

I am fully aware of the temp differences.
Its obvious you're doing your research on water which is great
There are others here with far more experience with ghost than me so hopefully they will but in
What I can say is generally ghost are sold as feeders so are not ment to live that long in a home environment and this is probably part of them not living so long previously.
If you can find someone who breeds these thats the best footing you can get so ask around,
If you get them from your lfs see if there's a berried one and put her straight in a tank of her own after acclimatising, its the young your really after that will set you up, don't worry if she dies after the young are born.
You also need to have a close look to make sure there's no horse hair worm inside them, horse hair is a killer.
I wouldn't bother to quarantine as there's no other shrimp in there and they don't pass anything to fish
The best way to acclimate them is the drip method for 2hrs
You would probably have more success with cherries.
Whenever you have these sort of fish in any shrimp tank you'll find the shrimp hide and very few young due to the fishes appetite
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