Ghost shrimp with fry??

  1. critter_fritter79

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    I have had an idea and just want to see what everyone else thinks of it. I have been having the worst luck trying to keep snails for my tanks...they have all died...??? So I was at the lfs a few days ago and got to thinking...maybe ghost shrimp for the grow out tank. I would imagine it would be a bad idea to put GS in with small newly hatched fry, but the fry in the grow out tank are all 6+ weeks old. So I got 6 of them and put them in there. The immediately began eating like crazy! I have been keeping very close watch on the tank and there seems to be no problems between the shrimps and the fry. It looked like one of them did try to "pounce" on a fry yesterday but that little fry was MUCH too fast!

    If there are any reasons that this is not a good idea...I have 2 oscars that would be all too happy to "welcome" the shrimp to their tank!!

  2. Shawnie

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    Rochester NH
    I dont think the shrimp will be able to catch the fry except maybe at night when they are snoozing...and the bigger the bettas get, the shrimp could be their meal when they molt....