10 Gallon Tank Ghost shrimp questions

I currently have a 10 gallon tank with a betta and 4 rasboras. When I started the tank I bought 4 ghost shrimp but only 1 survived. I recently bought 3 more to make it 4 again. One of them had a lot of eggs and today I was looking and they were completely gone! What happened to them? I know it’s hard for baby ghost shrimp to survive but they were there 1 day and gone the next. Also what is the best thing to feed my ghost shrimp? Currently I drop in like 3 shrimp pellets every 2 days and they also eat the plants but was wondering if they would do better with algae wafers?? Also is the gravel okay? Or is it to big ?
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If your eggs have hatched they will all be floating around on the surface this is where they'll stay for a few days until they morph into look alike shrimp, but this will only happen if they are not eaten by the other shrimp,beta, and rasbora in fact the chances of any of them surviving is slim to none
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