Ghost shrimp life span

I found a couple ghost shrimp in my tank after pulling a puffer out to put in a larger tank.
I added 12 cherry shrimp to the tank. How long will the ghost shrimp survive. Will they pick off the cherry shrimp?
Depends on how long you had the ghosts, they can live around a year. They won’t bother your cherries, and should be entirely indifferent to them.
I bought four ghost shrimp way back in November 2020 and six months later, after the population expanding and contracting from 3 to 10, I have five left.

I added those (at the time) 4 ghost shrimp to the red cherry shrimp tank (about 15) and nothing really happened. They didn't fight with each other; they rarely did anything except walk over each other. Together they made a top-notch cleaning crew!

Fast forward to three weeks ago. My BF said he saw a ghost eating a cherry shrimp, but I didn't think too much of it since it probably died and it was eating it.

I then added ember tetras to the tank a couple days later and noticed that especially at night time, the ghost shrimp would try and catch the ember tetras. 99.9% of the time they couldn't, but one time the ghost shrimp caught the fish by the tail and was pulling at it to try to eat it. The fish wiggled and got away. However, the all the embers did seem stressed when meeting a ghost shrimp.

I moved the (now 5) ghost shrimp with the betta and watched the ghost shrimp almost try to gang up on the betta! One jumped on her from above and on caught her tailfin one time, and she was scared. After that, I moved them again and now they are in their own one gallon tank until I can give them away or decide what to do with them! of them in the 1 gallon tank. They measure about 1 inch long, each.
I've kept ghost shrimp since I started this hobby 8 years ago.
I've Not seen any aggression from them at all. I also keep micro rasboras and cherry shrimp with them.

Feed your tank, any aggression could be a lack of food.

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