Ghost Shrimp, first time owner..:)

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I have a 20 Gallon freshwater tank with 5 male platy's and one Sunset fire Gourami (just added it today also). I also decided to get 2 ghost shrimp, I walked past their tank at Petsmart and they were SOO cute.. so I just had to get some.. hehe. My fish are leaving them alone and none of mine are aggressive thankfully. I read on here that the ghost shrimp help keep the tank clean by eating old food etc, but I am assuming I need to feed them something else. I have Tetra flakes (which is what I feed my fish, and my fish eat bloodworms too about once a week, can my shrimp eat those? They are so darn cute.. I love how their little legs move, hehe!
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Congrats on the new shrimp!! They are awesome little inverts Ghost Shrimp can eat just about anything so Bloodworms will be happily devoured by them.
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I have one that hitch hiked into my 10gal from the store. He is a hoot to watch. He is in a tank with all male guppies and a BN pleco that is growing up slowly. They all leave him alone and he happily roams the tank bottom.

Yours should be fine in the tank and if you have a female and a male be ready for shrimp lets most likely.
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Ghost Shrimp can eat just about anything so Bloodworms will be happily devoured by them.
I put a few of them in my dwarf puffer tank. He was kinda startled when the ghost shrimp nabbed the bloodworm and started slurping it like kids eat spagettI noodles! They are flitting about, I see them more than the puff.
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I have 3 ghosties in my 25 gallon community. One of them goes crazy over HikarI Sinking Wafers, and HikarI Algae Wafers. The other 2 go nuts over Wardleys Shrimp Pellets.
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Just a note, if you have excess food on the bottom of the tank, you are definitely overfeeding the tank.

My ghosts will eat anything. I don't see them carry off entire shrimp pellets like my amanos do, but they seem happy to scavenge about or try to catch whatever I drop in the tank. My fish and inverts are not picky.
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I had ghost shrimp, but they all died really fast. I think it was because of the current being to strong. They were in a 30 gallon tank and maybe that was too big for them.
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Mine are in a 46 gallon. I don't think you can put them in too big of a tank.

It's possible they got consumed by something else in your tank.
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I have 6 in a 55 and they're doing fine. I love seeing them swim all the way up to the top of the tank and nab a pellet when I feed my fish, then slowly float back down to the bottom. I'm thinking of getting six more, they're so fun to watch.

I wouldn't worry about shrimplets too much; currently mine only share the tank with a BN pleco, some snails, and five platys.. at one point a female was berried, but I've never seen the babies, so I can only assume they got eaten.
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I got two berried females this week. It looks like one dropped the eggs/shrimp lets already. What's their chance for survival? Just how tiny are baby ghosties? Their tank mates are a pair of sparkling gouramis...

Also, one of them has blue eyes! How fun is that!?
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I never saw my ghost shrimplets, but newly-hatched RCS shrimplets are so small, at first I wondered what the tiny white speck on the glass was.

I had a berried ghostie but I never saw the babies.
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Welcome to the world of addicting ghost shrimp! These guys are cheap, lats 1-2 years, and very fun to watch and a great beginners shrimp, if kept correctly they will thrive , and become your best buds . Mine lvoe blood worms, anything really. Sometimes mine swim up halfway to steal something from my piggy lil fish just remember not to over feed, and in let chuncks or several flakes fall to the bottom of your tank, seeings how you only have two ghost shrimp. good luck, have fun with you new best friends

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