Ghost Shrimp dropping like flies!


I have 2 ghost shrimp with my new tank who have done fine for the month I've had them. This weekend however they both died!!! :'( The 4 neons in their seem to be doing fine.

Getting off the's interesting how the shrimp loose their transparency when they die...I wonder what the scientific explanation is to that one.

I hate to see the shrimp go, but if I replace them I'd hate to see those ones die too. I take it they're not very hardy. Anyway, what suggestions would anyone have for bottom/algea eaters for a 5 g tank w/ 4 neons????

Thanks ;D


Re: Ghost Shrimp dropping like flies!!!!

A snail might be another option for you for algae control. Ghost shrimp are like that. It's probably nothing you have done, they just die for no apparent reason.

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