Ghost Shrimp Dilemma

Discussion in 'Ghost Shrimp' started by F.F., Apr 11, 2018.

  1. F.F.New MemberMember

    Yesterday after a water change to my shrimp tank one of the pregnant females has her eggs hanging from under her legs! She hasn’t pushed them back up. Will they be okay? Or what will happen? She hasn’t dropped any of the other eggs. And only 6 are hanging out. Help!
  2. RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    What do you mean, hanging from under her legs? The eggs are not internal, they hold them in swimmerets. Do you mean they have fallen on the substrate? If that is the case, you would have to arifically hatch them.
  3. F.F.New MemberMember

    They aren’t on the substrate. (If I can get a picture I’ll post it) but they look like they are hanging passed the swimmerets. They aren’t tucked under the swimmerets.
  4. RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    Are there lots of eggs? I had a cherry shrip that had a line of eggs, with about three totally hanging out past the swimmerets but she just had so many eggs she couldn't readjust them back in. They ended up hatching fine though. I think if the eggs are still connected to other eggs they should be okay. A picture would be helpful though. Hope they hatch for you
  5. F.F.New MemberMember

    F802F99D-4C06-4A3A-B984-D5D86FA162F8.jpeg Thank you! I sure hope they all hatch. I took a picture but it’s hard to see. She is staying hidden as much as possible.
  6. RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    Yeah I see how that's concerning, it's a pretty good picture considering how much they hide and all, I say just keep an eye on it, mine was pretty similar but ended up being fine, granted it was half the number. I guess if they do fall maybe look at artificially hatching them in a separate container with the eggs next to an airstone and some methylene blue and 30% daily water changes. Just in case... but mine was fine, hopefully yours will be too!
  7. F.F.New MemberMember

    Thank you again! :) I will definitely keep an eye on them. Hopefully they hatch if not I’ll take your advice on artificially hatching them.
    Have a wonderful day!:happy:
  8. tjanderWell Known MemberMember

    Ghost shrimp are very tough to raise, not impossible but very tough. Do some reading on how to raise the larva.

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