Ghost Shrimp And Genders

  1. EmmyFish

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    I just picked up 2 Ghost Shrimp as a test and nanny's to see how they will fair in the tank. One I know is female cuz she's huge and pregnant. The other is much smaller and looks like a small non-pregnant version of the big one. The people at the pet store don't know how to tell the genders apart. I tried from what people said in another thread and I have 0 clue.
    I will try to provide a picture soon, but as of right now they are acclimating to the tank.
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  3. OP

    EmmyFish Valued Member Member

    Well so much for that... Put the preggo shrimp as the nanny and the smaller one in the with the fish and he vanished in 2 seconds. The fish didn't eat him... I think he swam away but my god he must be fast.