Ghost knife tank mates


I have a 5” ghost knife, currently in a 72 gallon community tank. I’m starting a build for a 180 gallon tank for him, and I am looking for advice on tank mates. I’ll probably move my royal pleco (about 3”) in with him, since they seem to get along well. Currently, we have a couple of Siamese algae eaters. 2 ghost catfish, and 2 South American puffers. The ghost knife gets along well with all of them, except he sometimes has a disagreement with the puffers during feeding. I also think he is responsible for the fact that the neon tetras I used to have are missing. I’m looking for interesting tank mates that won’t harass him and he won’t eat. Thanks for any and all advice.


Hi I am no expert on knife fish but I've seen them in set ups with large robust fish such as

Silver dollars
Tinfoil barbs
Oscars (may not be wise 100% of the time)
Catfish such as synodontis

I think any fish around 6 inches or over and peaceful is recommended.
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