Ghost knife fish Question

  1. Karma5150

    Karma5150 New Member Member

    So someone gave me a ghost knife fish he is about 4 to 5 inches long, my question is should i put him in my 120 gallon tank with my small parrot and jewel cichlid or should i put him in my 50 gallon with 2 Oscars that also where given to me?

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  2. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Wow, I don't know how fast they grow but that is pretty cool! I think it would depend on your Oscars personalities.
    My Blood parrot (if that is what you meant when you say parrot-or the parrot cichlid) is mean. It is now trying to bully an Oscar that is three times its size and they are in a 140g.
    So, It just depends on which fish you believe will be the best fit and if you can move something as two Oscars will fill that 50g quickly!
  3. matsungit

    matsungit Well Known Member Member

    Don't forget to provide a good hiding place for your BGK like a PVC pipe or some similar decoration. They are nocturnal and sensitive to light. They are also partially blind and generate mild electricity to locate food. Unlike an electric eel they only use electricity for navigation. They are carnivores and prefer live or frozen food. I got mine when he was only 3 inches about 3 years ago. He's now maybe 10 inches head to tail. I feed him chopped frozen raw prawns for treats but his staple is frozen blood worms and mysis shimp. I also garlic soak the food and add a few drops of vita-chem.
  4. ricmcc

    ricmcc Well Known Member Member

    Would definitely not put not put him in with Oscars, as even if they are small now, that will be a very brief stage--they grow like weeds, and you will shortly need a larger tank (around a 100g) to house the both of them.
    As to your 120g, that would be fine, if both the BP and the jewel fish are not too aggressive. I have 2 BGK in separate tanks, and even though they can grow quite large, they just can't defend themselves again large, aggressive fish (remember, though, that when larger, they will happily eat smaller fish up to 3-4 inches)
    They do grow at a much more modest pace than do oscars, but then so does basically anything else:).
    Also, they are such lovely and impressive fish, you really don't want to risk him (ok, that is an indefensible bias on my part).
    If at all possible, the best solution would be to get a tank large enough for 2 oscars now, and use the 50 for the BGK. The tank should have plenty of hides in the form of wood, low light plants, and rockwork, and the water should be kept as clean as possible. Slightly acid and slightly soft is preferred, but not essential, just avoid extremely hard, high pH water.
    Also, they do become quite tame, and have interesting personalities, despite their being largely nocturnal (the hides help greatly with this).
    Best of luck, rick
    Btw, I do like Matsungit's post, but for some reason there was no 'like' button on my screen
  5. OP

    Karma5150 New Member Member

    Thanks for the advice I'm going to switch the Oscar's to the 120g and move the BGK into the 50g alone and put my blood parrot along with the jewel into my 20g since they are still so small, ill also make sure to get pvc pipe for the BGK to hide thank you all again much appreciated.

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  6. hampalong

    hampalong Well Known Member Member

    Good advice above. BGKs do not like Oscars. Keep them with cichlids and they'll hardly come out. My 16" one is in a 180(US) with mixed dollars and comes out every feeding time. The secret is to keep them only with fish they know are harmless.
  7. Adam55

    Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    It has to be the 120 because the 50 is way too small for him. He'll grow to a foot and a half long.