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Good afternoon,
I have 2 questions
Not sure if anyone can suggest anything but I'm new to keeping fish really enjoying it, I have 4 guppy's in the tank "Tetra Fish Tank Starter Line LED 54L" (Wasn't able to post link without 10 posts.)

But about 2 months of testing the water, I'm still having issues with my pH (7.5) & GH (180) test which on my card have it saying "Caution (Continue to watch) how can I lower this?


Also, my tank is cloudy I've tried tetra clear water which someone from my local fish store said to use but it's done nothing it's still the same. (I clear my tank 1/2 a week 10%) & I feed my fish 2 times a day 12hrs day & night (Fish flakes)

Thank you so much for your time & reading.


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Hello luke and welcome.

My guppy tank rans at a ph of 8.2 and gh of 230. My guppies have been breed in these parameters tho so I might not be the best person to advise on this part. As long as your water is constant I'd say you should be okay, livebreeders do tend to like a bit of hardness, or so iv been told.

If you did want to lower gh and ph look in to an RO system.

cloudyness could be;

substrate which hasn't been rinsed enough befor use. Adding some filter floss or a fine sponge to your filter should take care of this, providing your filter turn over is up to it. Doing a deep clean of your substrate during your water change should help also.

Could also be a bacteria bloom in which case will subside with in a day or two. This usally occur during cycling or some times when you cycle may stall.

Hope this helps!


Mary765 hope you don't mind me tagging you, you seem to know your guppies is all.


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2 years
You don't need to change your pH or GH - it's not too high for your fish at all. I would leave them both be. I wouldn't trust that card when it comes to telling you what's unsafe for fish regarding pH, GH, and KH - the company is likely just trying to sell you things by telling you they need to be changed.

Is the water white cloudy? Or green?

It's likely that your tank is still cycling, and that is causing the white haze (bacterial bloom). Can you list ammonia, nitrites, nitrates?

I would do larger water changes than 10%; 25-50% weekly is a good maintenance schedule.
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