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My red tailed shark is very peaceful and happy, and swims all over the tank. It a specially likes this one spot under a piece of drift wood which he shares with my betta. But it's tail is more orange/pinkish and that's the way I got it. How do I increase the color of the tail? Or is it just a genetic? Thanks


Hello Itamarironi,

There really isn't much you can do to alter the color of your fishes tail. Feeding it a varied diet will help to bring out his colors. Too, depending on how long you've had the RTS, he may just need more time to acclimate to his new surroundings. Give it time and as he gets older it may change and be a more vibrant red.

Now for the bad news:
I'm sorry to say that your RTS and Betta are not going to make good tank mates. RTS (Red Tail Shark) and Rainbow Sharks are very territorial and there just isn't enough room in a 10 gallon tank. I personally suggest they have at least 55 gallon and only 1 shark per tank. Things may be ok for now but as the shark gets more familiar with his environment, the aggression and territory issues will begin.

Your Betta isn't safe with the shark. And your shark isn't safe with the betta. I highly recommend separate tanks and a larger tank for the shark.

Care Guide for Bettas below:

Best wishes!
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Good to know. Petsmart said it will be ok, since I have slot of hiding spots and a big filter. They are jerks! Since now my betta is happy and same is the rts. Cycled tank. They do swim next to each other sometimes but don't show ANY aggresion.


Congrats on the RTS They're one of my fav. However you'll really want to look at getting him a larger tank. They get more aggressive with age and they also get fairly large. My boy has a 32 gallon to himself (wider then normal tank) and he uses all of it. I'd recommend at least a 33 gallon long (or another tank of at least 3' length) however if you really wanna see that lucky boy shine a 55 would be great and you could go with tank-mates in that size

In regards to his tail color I couldn't help you. A mixed diet is always good, and good water quality as well. It is possible it's just genetic as well

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