Getting rid of algae in Java moss

Hello! So I’ve been out of town for the past week and had my friend (who knows little to nothin about fish keeping) take care of my tank. As you can expect I came home to overfed fish and tanks ridden with algae. It seems traveling and fish keeping seldom get along with one another. Anyways with a bit of care and water changes I was able to remove the algae from most surfaces, however the concentration of algae nestled itself in my java moss and as you can probably expect, it won’t come out easily as it has attached to each of the fronds of the moss and I’m finding myself harming the moss more than the algae. I removed most of the big chunks but it is still there and I was wondering if anyone had an effective way to eliminate algae in hard to clean spots. I considered the black out method but I while I was gone I got in some shipments of montecarlo and dwarf hairgrass and I don’t want to deprive them of light while they adjust to the new environment. Perhaps an algaecide? Thoughts?
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I know Flourish Excel is great for killing algae (turn off all water movement and apply directly using syringe, leave for 10-15 minutes before turning pumps, etc. back on), but I've never tried it on 'infested' java moss. That said, I do have a clump suffering the same fate as you and might actually give it a try and see if the Excel kills the algae but not the java moss.
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I don't know how it worked but it seemed whenever my java moss would get full of algae I would put it in a breeder net right under the light and all the algae would go away.
There are a handful of chemical solutions to this . Some are shrimp safe.

I don’t see algaecide as any different to Prime or excel . It’s just a chemical like baking soda or salt.
Whenever i finih using a clump of java moss in a breeding tank it usually has algae and if i leave it in a shrimp tank its all gone quickly. Maybe get a few amano shrimp?

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