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    Those who have helped me alot will notice a specific topic that gets brought up about what I should put in my water to help it get it just right for all my fish buddies. I figured I would just make a thread devoted to the subject rather than having it as a side subject to my other threads.

    I do not have city water. I have well water and it goes through a water softener. I know I need to add some stuff to replenish some trace elements back into the water. I would like to know what products specifically I should get. I also have many snails, so I would like to supplement the water with liquid calcium to help their shell growth.

    so it just really comes down to what brands and specific additive I need.
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    It still depends on the readings of your water. Many of us use R/O DI water to have complete control. I use this when changing water . If it is to top off the tank I use straight R/O DI.

    I also use



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    Just got back from the pet store. Here is the GH


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    To get calcium to my fresh water snails, would the fallowing product work and be safe?

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    According to your test, your gh and kh should be fine for snails, they look pretty high. Giving them additional calcium via food is still a good idea imo but I personally don't think you should need to add minerals etc to your water right now.

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    Okay, so it's been awhile since I've posted in this thread. But I figured I would do one more check just to make sure everything sounds good to you guys. I recently got a hold of some Seachem replenish, & I just used it to help raise the hardness of my water that goes to the water softener for my main tropical tank. The problem is, my API general hardness testing kit only goes up to 12 drops, which is about 214.8 ppm, and it took 15 drops in order to get the test to turn from orange to green. Based on the charts, I think that means the general hardness is around 268 parts per million. It's kind of hard to tell if that's too much or not, because the seachem replenish measures everything in meq/L,

    And if I did the conversion correctly that means its at 5 which is under the category of hard, but the chart measures up to 6+ which is very hard.

    I only have live bearing fish and invertebrates. I know they require higher hardness then some other fish, but is this too hard? One of my mollies was kind of freaking out for a little bit.

    The stuff that comes out of my tap is super soft. I just did a water change which is why I added the replenish.

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