Getting Brown Algae - Need Advice Question

Discussion in 'Water Parameters' started by Reefdweller, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Reefdweller

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    Hey I have my 28 Gallon nano cycling now comin up on a week. I have a little brown algae forming and I am a bit shocked by this so soon. I use RO/DI water. Ph 8.2, Sal 21, cal 500, phos 2.0. Temp 84 (a little high I know but I may have to get a chiller for this) The only thing I can think of is the salt I used must have contained high phosphates because the phosphate is the only thing I see that is off. It really should be 0. Am I on the right track here with my thinking of am I way off?

    Maybe I am running my lights too long.... I have been running them pretty much all day every day but regardless I need to get that phos down to 0.

    What do you guys think? Normal cycling thing to see brown algae?
  2. brodylane1122

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    It is probably just diatoms. They will go away after the tank is settled and established. Once tank is cycled, you can put some type of fish/invertebrate that likes to eat algae/diatoms.

    For freshwater, a nerite snail is perfect! For saltwater, I don't have a clue.
  3. llfish

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    When my 55 was in the midst of cycling I first saw some brown algae..then I saw some hair algae that went away then I saw some lovely purple algae all in the course of a month. See the brown algae as a beginning to the end of your tank cycling. It is normal i do believe, but I am still newer at the saltwater aquarium I am sure other pros will chime in shortly.
  4. OP

    ReefdwellerValued MemberMember

    Bump... Anyone else want to add anything? Am I on the right track with this brown algae so soon? Ryan? eh?
  5. JessiNoel21

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    What salt mix are you using? Diatoms does mean the tank is cycling I had Diatoms for a month cuz of the cycle and some LR die off. Have you done any water changes and do u have protein skimmer? How long are the lights on and what type of set up are they?
  6. ryanr

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    Most likely diatoms.

    Did you use sand? what sort?

    Diatoms are typically silicate and phosphate hungry.... lighting won't change much.

    All perfectly normal for a new setup. I would not worry about it, annoying and unsightly = yes, but typically, once silicates dry up, diatoms disappear.
  7. OP

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    Hey there Jessi. I use Instant Ocean Reef Crystals for my salt. I did do one water change last night of 30%. Keep in mind the tank has just been up and running for about a week and half now. I do not have a skimmer yet and plan to order it today. I have just been cutting my lights on of the morning 8 am ish and off at night 10 pm ish. They are led lights, dust/dawn, moon lights, and day light - all LED.


    I want to say it was the Bio-Activ Live Aragonite Samoa Pink Reef Sand - 20 lb bags - 40 lbs total. It is for sure annoying ugh... I love a crystal clear tank thats for sure. I am trying to be patient I promise but you know how it can be.
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  8. ryanr

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    Could be phosphates and silicates.

    If you get 'desperate' and can't wait - you can use RowaPhos to absorb the PO4 and silicates more quickly ;)
  9. DiscusFan

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    Well, check the nitrate level and control light exposure. Too much light creates algae problem ;:barf