Getting A Mouse/some Mice! Advice?

  1. ChristaCat

    ChristaCat Valued Member Member

    Hi rodent people!

    Ive always loved small animals. Ive had hedgehogs, chinchillas, and guinea pigs but I decided I want mice! Or one mouse! Idk

    So I want a male and I know male mice can be agressive so is it better to house them alone altogether? Or should I find a place where I can ensure I'm getting littermates and get two?

    Also, ive heard that males tend to develop anl stronger bond than females. If I have two male mice together, will they both still have a potential strong bond with me like they would if I had one male?

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. RainBetta

    RainBetta Well Known Member Member

    IMO getting 2 females is better. From my experience, you can really only have 1 male alone. If you put a male with a male, don't expect success.

    Our female mice were plenty attached to us! They we very sweet and fun. I think that mice will bond with you just because, not because of their gender
  3. D

    DutchAquarium Well Known Member Member

    Male mice must be kept separate to avoid aggression. What species are you looking into also. Zebra mice are some of the most popular because they don't scent as much and therefore don't smell as bad.
  4. OP

    ChristaCat Valued Member Member

    Ok! I'll spring for females.
    I was just worried, I kept hearing that they won't be as attatched to you if they're girls or if they have a friend so a single male is best if you want them to be really attatched. But I also felt bad for him being on his own because I've also heard you should not keep any mouse alone if you can avoid it witch is why I wanted to get littermates.

    I was hoping whatever mouse or mice I get to become so tame I could let them sit on my shoulder or in one if those carry pouches (a safe one, I promise) and be very handleable. Of course I will handle them often and do my part! But I just wanted to see if either gender was easier to bond with.
  5. OP

    ChristaCat Valued Member Member

    I actually haven't thought about what species, honestly. I was going to just get whichever one or pair seemed friendliest.
    I also dont know if any places around here have zebra mice but I will check!

    What species should I look into getting?
  6. emmysjj

    emmysjj Well Known Member Member

    It's really a preference, between a male and a few females. :)
  7. Freshwater-Freshman

    Freshwater-Freshman Valued Member Member

    Check out the YouTuber CreekValleyCritters, I learned a lot from her mouse care videos and I definitely think a group of ladies would be easier!