Getting a 145 Gallon Tank


Alright, this is my biggest tank yet, and probably the biggest I will ever get. My biggest tank right now is 55gallons. I have almost no idea what I am doing get an even bigger tank, but it's a steal of a deal and I have a perfect spot for it.
I'm getting the 145gallon tank, stand, 40gallon overflow, driftwood, dead coral, gravel, external filter, hoods, lights and potentially more all for $200.
I honestly have no idea what to put into it, nor really how to maintain the tank, which I will obviously figure out before I stock it, and as time goes by.

-What on earth should I put in it? I am thinking about Oscars, Arowanas, silver dollars, and maybe cichlids. Oscars are my favorite at the moment.

-What should I know about such a large tank?


Any suggestions, and/or help is welcomed. I am going to look at it tomorrow and potentially take it home.


Discus are definitely on my list as well. I don't really know how to care for them at all, and I have heard they are harder to care for.


water changes are difficult unless you set up something to make it easier. 55g is right on that edge of getting difficult, but if you intend to do buckets and a big siphon vac, it's my 72g still takes 2-3 hours to take out 30 gallons or so and get it back in there the old fashioned way of elbow grease. find an easier method that works for you.

when you say 40 gallon overflow, do you mean a wet/dry with overflow box or a sump?

if it's a wet/dry, it's going to be difficult to keep plants, and it's difficult for saltwater, it's a nitrate factory. I have one on my 72g, also a steal and has never failed me, as a filter, but it aerates the water too much, like pushes out CO2 and saturates O2, and it cranks out nitrates. (which is why easy water change is so important)
I mean you can keep basically whatever you want within reason,
freshwater stingrays are out of the question long term, I think it's a little small for arrowana long term also, at adult sizes they get big and of course jump. probably wolf cichlids are out also, they get BIG.

You can do oscars in there to full size adults and beyond for sure, I'd just say be selective and get some really nice colored ones.


Wow, thank you for the help! To be honest, I have never had an overflow tank so I am unfamiliar with the terminology. I will attach a picture so you can get an idea.
As for cleaning it, I really don't mind if it takes hours, I will usually clean all my tanks in one day while listening to an audiobook and honestly I'm quite content that way. Just a quick question, is it ok, with the right water supplements, to use hose water or bath water? I don't really know what other people use and I don't wanna go and buy 145 gallons of water from a fish store.

I am thinking Oscars are gonna be a good idea and they are just gorgeous.

(Photos are by the current owner, not me)


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I have two large tanks (one about 150 gallons, the other about 220). I find water changes easy as I just use a hosepipe to siphon out the water through the window and into the back garden. I tie the hosepipe in place so I can get on with other things (plant trimming, glass cleaning etc.) while it is draining. And for filling I use a hosepipe with an adaptor to fit the kitchen tap, set the gas heater to the minimum temperature and it comes out of the hot tap at just the right temperature. Again tied in place while filling. I do realize that this set up will not be possible for everyone though. (I used to use buckets for filling the 150, it did take quite a long time and made more mess on the floor as I always splashed some out).

As for stocking, Arowanas are too big, but there are many cichlids that you could consider. My 220 tank has festivums, a severum, two Uarus, a pair of Cichlasomas and a blue acara. I like this setup as they are all interesting and pretty peaceful. The other big tank is also nice, densely planted and has 6 big angelfish, two pairs of Laetacaras and some tetras and penclfish. With that size tank there are many possible options, but if you decide on an Oscar (or more than one) that will narrow things down a lot.


Wow, great advice! It is gonna be going in an upstairs open area where most of our bedrooms come out onto. It's kind of become my fish room, except more public. There is a bathroom with a bathtub and sink about 10 ft from where the tank will go, so I have a few ideas at this point. We already have a hose attachment on the shower head for connecting a dog washing hose, so I'm hoping that a garden hose will work on that and I can just use that for filling it up. It's going to be so hard to choose what fish to put in because I have so many ideas!


Wow, that will be ~1400 lbs upstairs, that would scare the heck out of me. And before you lug it up there uou may leave it on the lawn or in the garage to ensure it will not leak. This is just me risk adverse talking ;)
Oscars have my vote, they are absolutely gorgeous.


I agree with everything stated, i would do oscars or african cichlids, just not with oscars you could have a few and they get big, or you could get african cichlids and get more then 25 but not as big as oscars but some species can get close around 10-12inches.

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