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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Musey, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. MuseyWell Known MemberMember

    Hi folks!

    So I have had my 55 gallon set up and running for a several months now. Over the holidays, I got a new pressurized CO2 system and now I'm about to upgrade to a larger tank. I will probably keep the 55 gallon tank running and move it into my office.

    The new 100 gallon tank is going to be my new display tank. I'll move most of my plants, my lights and my CO2 system over to the new tank, and I will downgrade my 55 gallon to a low tech tank. The only fish of my current stock that I want to move over to the new bigger tank will be my angelfish (Beethoven). Beethoven's body is now about 2.5 - 3 inches in diameter. If you include his fins and tail he is about 5-6 inches total. And while he is growing well and seems to be generally happy, I just feel like the 55 gallon is not enough room for him anymore. Lately, he seems to be having more trouble maneuvering between all the plants and driftwood in the tank. Also, the edges of his fins are beginning to look a little rough and I have noticed that the blackskirts and rummynose tetras have starting chasing him around the tank a bit. I'm not sure if his fins are just snagging or if the tetras are actually nipping at him. But either way, I'm going to move him out. I just love him so much and he has become the favorite of the house, because he is so interactive with us. He is so docile and gentle with all the other fish. He has never once shown any aggression at all toward my other fish. And he just puts up with all the other fish (like my rambunctious cories) with such grace and patience. Of course, there was that time he did eat all of my Bolivian Ram fry... he sucked them right out of the nursery net. LOL! But in general he is gentle, very intelligent, and he is super friendly with me and my family. Most of my other fish couldn't care less about us... but Beethoven seems to generally take an interest in us and whatever we are doing.

    So... now I have to figure out a new stocking plan for the 100 gallon which I am getting this week. What ever I pick needs to be compatible with at least one angelfish. Because Beethoven is definitely going into the new tank and I don't want to be back in the same boat again in 6 months.

    I like the idea of Rainbow Fish a lot. I don't have any of those yet so I was kind of thinking of going that route. What do you guys think? Will the rainbows be nippy with Beethoven? Or are they more docile than tetras? What about a Paradise Fish? I like the look of them but will they get along with an Angelfish? What are some other good choices to go with an Angelfish?

    I currently have Julii Cories in my 55, so I was thinking about maybe going with some pandas this time. Or... maybe even going the loach route... maybe some Kuhli loaches?

    Since I'm looking to try some new fish out this time, I guess I should list what I already have in my other three tanks:
    Columbian Tetras
    Bolivian Rams
    Silver Hatchetfish
    Julii Cories
    Rummynose Tetras
    Sunset Gourami
    Albino Cories
    Nerite Snails

    So, that is about it. I'm looking for suggestions in stocking my new 100 gallon tank that will be compatible with an Angelfish.

  2. MarijkeNew MemberMember

    I'm not sure if you're keeping Beethoven alone for a specific reason, but angelfish are group fish, so I think that if he's a healthy angelfish he would appreciate some friends.
    I think if you go for Kuhlis in the 100gal you wouldn't see them too often, bigger loach species might be a great idea though.

  3. MuseyWell Known MemberMember

    Wow I didn't realize Angels where social fish. When I was stocking my 55 gallon it was suggested that I get an Angelfish as my ornamental fish. For some reason I was thinking they were kind of like Gouramis and better kept by themselves unless you are trying to breed them.

    So, if I get some Rainbow Fish and a few more Angelfish would that be a compatible mix of fish? How many Angels should I get? Should I try to get the same variety or should I mix the Angelfish up?

    Also what loaches would you suggest? I don't want anything too small or too big either. Something mid sized would be nice.

  4. MarijkeNew MemberMember

    I think about 5 angelfish would be okay in a 100 gallon, maybe 6. They might fight a bit at first to establish who's boss and maybe form pairs, but after that, a group of angelfish is just a beautiful sight to see. I don't think getting the exact same kind of angelfish is necessary, it would look more natural but I don't think the angels mind too much. I'd do some more research on them though, as there is much to learn.

    I think whether you can get rainbow fish really depends on the kind of rainbows, because angelfish do have a habit of eating anything they can fit into their mouths.

    I'm not an expert when it comes to loaches, maybe look into Botiine loach species? They look different, but they're much more active than most Kuhlis.
  5. MuseyWell Known MemberMember

    Looking around google for some loaches, I came across the zebra loaches. They are supposedly very peaceful and grow to about 4 inches. I think they are super cool looking so I think I will go for a small group of those... maybe 4-6?

    I think I should try to stay closer to 3-4 Angelfish as I don't want to have to worry about over crowding as they get older. Is having an odd number a bad thing? Would two of them pair up and then pick on the other one? If so, I will get 4.

    As for the rainbows, the ones I like are pretty big I think. Bigger than my tetras anyway. And my Angel never picks on my tetras... it is the other way around actually... the tetras chase my Angelfish around. I like the Turquoise Rainbow fish the most I think. And the Boesemani are pretty cool too. Anyone know if they have a peaceful temperament?
  6. MarijkeNew MemberMember

    Angelfish prefer groups of at least 5 I think. 50 liters per angel is the absolute minimum, so that'd theoretically give you room for 7 angels. If you want to prevent overcrowding, 5 is fine :) An odd number is not a problem at all.
    6 Zebra loaches sounds like a great little group, I don't think the angelfish will be bothered by them.

    I don't know too much about rainbow fish, anyone else able to help?
  7. AmazonPassionModeratorModerator Member

    It is suggested that you get Angels in even numbers instead of odd numbers just in case the Angels start pairing, you don't want the pairs to gang up/kill the odd Angel out. (1,2,4,6...)

    The rule of thumb for stocking Angels in a tank is:
    20 Gallon for the first Angel
    10 Gallon per additional Angel.

    I would up your group of Juliis. It is truly amazing to see a large number of Cories together, their personalities really do come out.

    I have both Cories and Kuhlis with my Angels as well.

    Edit: I've always been fond of Dwarf Rainbow fish as a tankmate.
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  8. AquariaUKValued MemberMember

    I think 4/6 angels would be a good idea for 100 gallons. Beethoven will be more at home and if any pair off (him included) the remainders won't be bullied. They could get a little agressive when breeding and they might protect their eggs quite violently so watch out. Maybe the 55 could become a breeding tank.

    Rainbowfish are quick, so if they are in a school and are bigger than the angels' mouth it should be fine for them. The rainbows might nip the angels fins but it shouldn't be a problem unless the fish gets fin rot. It's worth a try because it looks great when it works and you should be able to return the rainbows if it doens't.

    There aare many types of loaches and zebras seem like a good choice.
  9. MuseyWell Known MemberMember

    Okay so once I move Beethoven out of my 55 gallon I will probably get some more Juliis for that tank. I do really like them alot. They are so energetic, like little bumper car divers zooming, zipping, zigging, zagging and crashing all over the tank. They are hilarious.

    For the new bigger tank, I like the idea of Zebra Loaches a lot. And more angels sounds like a great plan to me because we already love the one we have so much.

    What do you guys think about:
    6 Angels
    6 Zebra Loaches
    And some Turquoise Rainbow Fish... how many do you think would be a good fit?
  10. llfishWell Known MemberMember

    I like the idea of Kuhlis and corys. I would go maybe 4-8 panda corys, though pandas at least the ones I have atm are super tiny they may become a snack for your angel and maybe 4-6 kuhlis ( I have never had them so maybe someone with more knowledge of them can come up with a better number). I think Boesemans rainbows are absolutely lovely I would go a school of 5-6. If you are looking for maybe a smaller schooler I would go about 10 Cardinal tetras. Their colors really are brilliant! And they are big enough (hopefully) to not become a snack...

    SO in short
    4 angels
    4-8 panda corys
    4-6 Khuli or Zebras!
    5-6 Boesemans
    10 Cardinals

    And that still leaves you room.

    I too just got a bigger tank and want to move my lone angel and am unsure if I want to add more angels..I am tempted to start slowly with one at a time, I am so worried they are going to fight!

    edit* emerald Corys are nice too and a little bigger i believe. If you want to add a bit more color to your bottom!
  11. MuseyWell Known MemberMember

    Great ideas! Thanks for the input!

    I'm starting to think about how to stock my Angelfish already. I have some of the same worries you have about fighting and establishing dominance. Maybe someone with more experience can chime in and offer some advice. Here are a couple questions:

    1. Can I get some younger angels and put them in with Beethoven even though he is much bigger already? Or should I get the younger ones in the big tank first and wait till they get a bit bigger before I move Beethoven over?

    2. Should they be added all at once or one at a time? Or maybe added in pairs?
  12. MarijkeNew MemberMember

    I think if you add cardinals too the tank could become a bit crowded. It's definitely possible stock-wise, but it might look a bit messy. I'd expand the Boesemans to a bigger group instead, but if you like the look of multiple groups of fish cardinals would be fine too.

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