German Ram Fry Spots


I have about 100 free swimming fry (day 4 of free swimming) and notice they all have at least 1 white speck in them. I have previously had some ich in this tank and I'm wondering if it is ich or if ram Fry typically display white speckles as they grow. If it may be ich, can I use ich-x in a tank with fry?


I believe coralbandit raises rams. He may be able to help you if he sees this.


Not an expert but unfortunately it sounds like ich to me. What species of ram is it? If it is a kind with spots, it could just be the fry starting to develop coloration and markings, but I would still still quarantine them to be sure
You should transfer your fry to a quarantine tank if you can, because for some medicines it's not such a great idea to leave them in an up and running tank; filters with carbon can suck medicine up (and your fry up, for that matter! Sponge filters are always safer for fry), methyane blue can mess up filter media and medine has other effects on tank (or could). Always better to have an up and running QT just with a sponge filter or something for sick fish.
And besides sponge filters are great for fry so they don't suck them up
One thing I will say is if you QT them dose medications very slowly; they are still babies! They are delicate. Yes, try using ich-x (I have never had problems with ich so if someone else has better medicine advice correct me )
If you do not have a QT: Report any other symptoms. If they get finicky with sharp movements and rub against other objects, gasp at the surface, or have clamped fins, tell us. We're here to help
(I know with fry it's hard to tell what they're doing :hilarious
And if worse comes to worse, of course you don't want to lose all that fry, you probably should medicate them in the current tank. If you are using carbon in the filter, replace it, though. I don't think the BB colonizes carbon in filters so you should be safe switching it out, even better if there's more media in there that could be colonized when you take out the carbon so you don't disrupt the cycle.


Congrats on fry .I can't see the pic clear enough to say .Have you lost fry ? I usually see red bellies from BBS ..They don't show markings before 4 weeks minimum IME .
Crank up the temp if you can ..I usually treat ich with rid ick plus .
Ram fry are super delicate especially the first 14 days free swimming .
After that they are a little easier ..
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I don't think I've lost fry and they each only have about one white spot. The tank temperature is currently 88.5. I read ich dies at 89.5 but I'm worried about having it that hot for these little babies. Any suggestions on max temp for ram babies?

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