German blues bullies...

  1. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    I have a gold female ram and a male GBR. When I first added the female the male was showing off and pushing away the other non dominant male. All of a sudden the male didnt wanna hang out with her and he stayed away from her for a while. Now he seems mad at her. Like when your gf breaks up with you then she tries to come back but you push her away. That sort of thing. When ever she comes near him he chases her off. He also still chases off the other male. (I think I want to restart my tank and just dedicate It to my favorite fish. Is that a ok idea to just have a tank for GBR's? I would also have my RTS corys and otos with them.)
  2. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    It's possible that they're not going to pair off, and in that case I'd rehome one of them (or all of them and start fresh with a group of juvies if you want a pair). How many GBRs do you have now? What size tank?

    Harems of GBRs can work in a large enough tank, but that's only 1 male and multiple females.

    GBRs aren't temp compatible with RTS or otos.
  3. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    So I should rehome one of the males? Or the female. What I might do is get some ACTUAL GBR's the ones I have have longer fins than normal GBR's. So what you think I should do is keep the 1 female and then get 5+ rams. Let them pair off and then separate the pair into the 10 gallon(upgrading to 20+ ) and let them do their thing?

    Ive researched so much and ive looked at RTS and otos and German rams and there are different arguments on different forums about temperature compatibility. I have looked at a trustworthy website and ive seen that all 3 fish all have a max temp of 79 and the minimum varies I keep my temp at 77. ( )

    Actually now that I think about it I will just rehome all of them. Is it ok if I get a variety of them? Like lets say 3 gold rams, 3 GBR's, and 3 electric rams. Im just throwing that out there :) I would like to try to get a mix hybrid of ram. The gold ram that i have now is a female for sure. Bright pink/purple belly. Could I keep her ane see if I can get a male to pair up with ber?
  4. cjbart1009 Member Member

    I keep my tank at 80 for the Rams.
  5. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    You can mix varieties, but I don't recommend it. These varieties have been specifically bred for these traits, and there's no guarantee you'll end up with the desirable traits.

    Yes, you can try to find males for her.

    You didn't answer either of my questions - what size tank is this and how many rams do you currently have?
  6. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    Oh sorry it is a 50 gallon long and I have 3
  7. cjbart1009 Member Member

    Is it 4' long? If it is then you can keep two pairs in there. I would just make sure there's plenty of decorations (driftwood / rocks / plants) to break line of sight.

    I would do some research on some warmer water tetras to be able to work with your Rams. Cardinals are a good choice and I've seen lots of videos of Rams and cardinals together.
  8. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Depends on what you want. If you're moving them to a 20 gal to breed them specifically, only one pair will fit in there.
  9. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member just gonna do more research and get a 20 running soon. I would just want 1 pair. I can send a picture of my tank set up :) I just did it. I want it to look more natural. So I am in the process of adding more plants. Thats why it looks so empty. I was thinking of doing the 20 gallon as my 2nd display. I want to have a carpet of DBT (dwarf baby tears) and have a moss tree. Would it be fine if I had the pair in there with some cardinals (any suggestions of fish?) ? I would then use the 10 g for the fry is that ok?
  10. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    That sounds like it will work. Go for a 20 gal long.

    I wouldn't expect the DBT to carpet without CO2 and high light (not sure if the rams will uproot them either).
  11. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    Lol yeah I dont have enough money for 2 co2 systems. The lighting I wouldnt mind. I will find something along the way :) ok I will keep the 20 long in mind. How many cardinals can I put in? Or is there any other fish I could put in?
  12. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    10-12 cardinals would be good. Any warm water, small schooling fish would work.
  13. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    Ok. If I dont get a pair. Then would 10-12 still be fine in the 20 by them selfs?(cardinals). I might just rehome the GBR's instead. Thank you everyone for the help! :) :D
  14. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Yep, they'll be fine by themselves too!
  15. cjbart1009 Member Member

    Get them a pleco tank mate lol
  16. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    Lol probably not big enough tank