German Blue Rams

  1. Kristie Bivens Initiate Member

    Hi Everyone! I just wanted to let anyone know who has German Blue Rams...don't give up on them. I have a 28 gal bow front with 2 rams, 6 panda corys, 7 zebra danios, and 3 endlers. Three days ago one of my rams started acting strange, she wouldn't eat and stayed at the top breathing rapidly. I checked the water and found that I had 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 20 nitrate, temp 78 - 80. I immediately did a 70% water change and turned out the lights. The next day thank goodness she was still alive, but she was still breathing heavy. That evening I did another 50% water change and fed everybody. This time she ate. I turned out the lights again. Today she is back to normal like nothing ever happened!!! Yahoo. I checked the water and temp again, o ammonia, o nitrite, 5 nitrate, temp 78 - 80. I did another 25% water change just to be safe. I'm happy to say she's eating and chasing her tank mate like nothing ever happened.
  2. Miaw Member Member

    That's great. I lost two recently doing that top of water breathing thing, but I didn't do as big a water change.

  3. Blue Bea Member Member

    I'm so glad she pulled through for you!
  4. Kristie Bivens Initiate Member

    I decided I'm going to do a 25% water change every other day from mow on. I love those little fish!!! Besides I can use the water from the tank to water my flowers.

  5. Miaw Member Member

    I have a line of dead plants in my garden from where I poured aquarium water. :D

    It was during cycling though.
  6. Kristie Bivens Initiate Member

    Lol. My cucumbers love it!!!
  7. Miaw Member Member

    My female EBR was dying this morning so I did a huge water change (70-90%).

    I hope she survives, she is paired with the male, it's great to see them getting along.

  8. OnTheFly Well Known Member Member

    That shouldn't happen lol. Did you have the water juiced with chemical products?
  9. smee82 Well Known Member Member

    There should be nothing in tour water to kill your plants. It is possible that you overwatered them if you.changed water everyday.
  10. Cherie G Member Member

    Thanks you for sharing your experience. I have had a pair of GBRs for a couple months and was good information for me to keep in mind since I have never kept any rams before. Glad your girl made it!

  11. Kristie Bivens Initiate Member

    I hope she survives too!!!
  12. Miaw Member Member

    She died :(
  13. Natalya Well Known Member Member

    Are they supersensitive to nitrate? I was thinking of getting some, but even my tap water has nitrate levels of 10 to 20. In my tank, it is usually 20 to 30. Perhaps, I should re-think
  14. Kristie Bivens Initiate Member

    Oh no, I'm so sorry!!!!

    What I've read, they are super sensitive to everything and need lots of water changes. I'm trying to keep my nitrates as low as possible. We'll see what happens.
  15. Blue Bea Member Member

    Ph is a big deal to these guys too.