German Blue Rams - AT LAST! 55 Gallon Tank

  1. WendysJungle Member Member

    After waiting 6 months for my tank to age and have several months of stability, I was FINALLY able to get the German Blue Rams I have been waiting for, and they joined my community today. They are still a little shy (my big moose of an angelfish is not helping, since he is so nosy and keeps following them around to stare at them!), but I got some pretty good pics!

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  2. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    They're gorgeous!!
  3. pirahnah3 Fishlore VIP Member

    wow they have colored up great already! I can't wait to get some Rams of my own they are so pretty to watch.
  4. stashattack Member Member

    They are beauties!! The angel is adorable too. He's just trying to be friendly :p
  5. WendysJungle Member Member

    Yeah, I just love my angel, he's growing into such a big lug and has so much personality! :)
  6. roy Member Member

    cool, Rams are one of my fav fishes, could watch them all day, cant seem to keep them in my 46g tank, i have 2 in my 10g, the male is over a year now, female is 3 months.
  7. WendysJungle Member Member

    More pics, they are coloring up so amazingly! :)

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  8. Wendy Lubianetsky Well Known Member Member

    They are beautiful. How many do you have? I can't tell from the pictures. I actually have one RAM and I bought a second one today. However, the have no females. They said they are hard to get. Do you have all males or females and males.?:;wkWendy
  9. mosaicguppy Well Known Member Member

    Congrats, they're beautiful! I love rams because they can be the funniest little guys, mine always has ways to make me stay up late lol.
  10. WendysJungle Member Member

    Just two, a male and a female. The LFS got a mix in, surprisingly. Usually I see only males for sale, so I was thrilled to get a pair!
  11. WendysJungle Member Member

    LOL, all my fish seem to have that power over me. Staring into the tank is so much more fun than sleep!