German blue ram: one big eye, with white around it and dull colours.

  1. Amamelisse Initiate Member

    I was about to write for advise because my GBR always have dull colours. So I first tested my tank water: Nitrate 110, nitrite 0,3, ammonia 0, Ph 6.0.

    Nitrate was to high, so I did a water change. The day after I noticed a strange white spot on one eye of one of the GBR. The day after, so second day (today), the white spot was biger and the second GBR started to also have a white spot and I notice that the eyes with the white spot were bigger.

    And the fish with the bigger white spot is turning dark grey.

    Now the nitrate is at 10.

    What should I do please?

    20 g
    2 german blue ram
    2 gouramis
    1 corry
    2 glowlight tetra
    5 black neon tetra
    6 rummynose tetra



    Here you'll have a bigger image if you click on the picture.
  2. Sand Member Member

    Maybe try Kanna plex something bacterial. I had a Discus with a cloudy eye and it worked when nothing else did.
  3. Amamelisse Initiate Member

    I won't find kanna plex in my pet store, in Qu├ębec; so you say it's bacterial?
  4. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    You have stocking issues and high nitrites and nitrates, and the poor water quality is probably stressing your ram, making him more susceptible to diseases.

    Can you get a more in focus pic? Hard to tell if it's a wound or a fungus.
  5. Amamelisse Initiate Member

    I found the disease: hole in the head. The white spot beside the eye was in fact a hole. This in additon of the fish turning dark grey gave me the answer... And the fish died.

    The other fish started laying on his side, so I killed him to stop him from suffering.

    I'll make water test more often; I tought everything was ok because of my once in a week water change. And I'll give some fish to a friend.

  6. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    I'd do at least 50% weekly.

    What species of gourami and what species of cory?
  7. Amamelisse Initiate Member

    Gold gouramis and corydoras paleatus (I don't know the usual name in english)[h=3][/h]
  8. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    20 g
    2 german blue ram
    2 gouramis
    1 corry
    2 Glowlight Tetra
    5 Black Neon Tetra
    6 rummynose tetra

    Your tank is too small for gold gouamis - what about rehoming them and getting a single dwarf gourami or 2 honey gouramis?

    Cories need to be in groups of 6+, but C. paleatus needs much lower temps than the other fish. I'd rehome the cory too.

    And 3 schools of fish is too many for a 20 gal. So you could do this:

    1x GBR
    1x DG
    6x Black neon or glowlight tetra
    6x Rummynose tetra
  9. Amamelisse Initiate Member

    I dont' have GBR anymore and since I now know I have to much fish, I won't replace them.

    I have a friend who is cycling a 60 g, I'll talk with him about giving him some fish.

    Thanks. :)