German Blue Ram Fighting With Yoyo Loach?

Discussion in 'Ram Cichlid' started by Dr.WilfordBrimley, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Dr.WilfordBrimley

    Dr.WilfordBrimleyValued MemberMember

    I haven't been on in awhile to update my tank profile, but let me get this out of the way.

    Current Build: 30 gallon tall
    Stock -
    1 German Blue Ram
    1 Yoyo Loach
    1 Adult female Guppy
    3 Cardinal Tetra
    4 Neon Tetra
    So many Ramshorn, a few bladder, 1 horned nerite

    Water stays between 77 -80 degrees (ac blows on one side, making it about 1-2 degrees colder). Ammonia: 0ppm
    Nitrite: 0ppm
    Nitrate: 20ishppm
    Ph: 6.4-6.6
    K Hardness: Cement (I break it down with RO so it stays somewhere between 3-5 degrees. It comes out of the tap 10 degrees so shut up. I know it's not ideal for the ram)

    The female guppy is only in there because I can catch her. The tank is heavily planted and I'm not gonna tear it up to get her.

    Anyway, I've had the ram for about 3 months, the loach is about a month old. They are both about 3 inches long. I know the loach likes to be with others, but he doesn't seem to care and comes out a lot so whatever.

    Over the last few days I've noticed the loach chasing the Ram. No fin nipping or anything, but today when I got home (about 10 minutes ago) the ram and the loach were both on this piece of slate in the tank, on their bellies, and the ram seemed to be literally ramming the loach. The loach didn't move. Is this just playful behavior on both their parts? Neither seems to be nipping the other, but the Ram doesn't seem to enjoy the chasing.

    I've also heard that Yoyos are jumpers. Can anyone confirm that? I don't have a top on this tank because I have plants growing out of the top.
  2. xapoc

    xapocValued MemberMember

    I have 4 blue rams and my aquarium experience is short, but based on observations, rams are pretty territorial, and I think in your case it maybe territorial dispute, loach must have crossed that line and ram responded.
  3. OP

    Dr.WilfordBrimleyValued MemberMember

    I'm an experienced water keeper, but never had rams or yoyo loachs.

    From what I was told about the loach is that it's even more docile than clowns, especially if solitary, but this is the most active loach I've ever seen.

    The ram doesn't act like this with any of the other fish. When the school of guppies was in the tank, he would school with them, but he is just now reaching adulthood.

    Do they hurt the other fish like this? That loach is supposed to get about 6" when fully grown. I have a mate for the ram I haven't introduced to the tank yet because she's smaller and with the loach acting like this I'm worried about all of them being in the tank together.

  4. xapoc

    xapocValued MemberMember

    I've read 1 male ram is mate for like 2-3 females. Once they find place, ram male will chase other fish away from their spot.
    As far as yoyo loaches go I have no experience with them. I recently got 2 brown kuhli loaches which seem to like to hide a lot, so they shouldn't bother my rams I hope.
  5. OP

    Dr.WilfordBrimleyValued MemberMember

    I mean, I've never heard of Kuhli loches being even remotely aggressive and they are big time hiders. Like, you're lucky if you ever see them again. How big is your setup? You probably will want way more than 2. Kuhli loaches like large groups.

    Yoyos and clowns are semi-aggressive. They do not behave like kuhlis at all.

    Anyone have experience with Yoyos and GBRs?
  6. xapoc

    xapocValued MemberMember

    I have 55g tank, I special ordered over week ago 6 striped kuhli loaches which will be arriving sometime this week. To make things worst 2 of the fish I got from LFS has ick I just noticed last night. Plain bad timing, my fish already had it once, I think they are immune to it once they had it. So I need cure these guys and get the tank fixed.

    Perhaps this would be good time to replace the gravel I was planning to do so while back.
  7. OP

    Dr.WilfordBrimleyValued MemberMember

    Wow. You sound real new to the hobby. Just crank the heat to around 82-84 degrees and apply aquarium salt. Keep the tank at that temp for 7 days. Do a large water change. Done. Ick is easy to get rid of.
  8. xapoc

    xapocValued MemberMember

    Yeah, already done it last night, its at 82 now, going to bump it up by 2 when I get home tonight + water change.
    last time I had ick I used api medication, as I recall took 8 tablets, 4 water changes, 1 fish died, I guess she was too weak.
  9. OP

    Dr.WilfordBrimleyValued MemberMember

    Man... All you need is aquarium salt and raised temps... Medication should be a last resort, but if your ick problem got that bad before you did anything that's on you.

    Anyway, this is super unrelated to my problem and I'd like it if maybe you could start your own thread if you have concerns about Ick or stocking in your setup. Thanks!

    For anyone new coming to this thread. Advice in keeping Yoyo Loaches and German Blue Rams together would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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