German Blue Ram Cichlid Care Guide

German Blue Ramirezi
(Micogeophagus ramirezi)

Common names: German blue ramirezi, GBR, Blue ram, Butterfly cichlid, Ram cichlid, Dutch ram, Gold ram.
Size: 6cm
pH: 5.5-7.5
Tempº: 25ºC - 28ºC
Tank region: Middle-Bottom
Origin: Columbia, Venezuela.
Gender: Females have a pink belly, males have an elongated 2nd ray in the dorsal fin, Males dorsal and analfins are more pointed at the back, Females tail is more rounded.
Notes: These stunning little fish are delicate! The GBR is one of the most beautiful and peaceful cichlids you’ll find. They prefer a fully planted aquarium, where the water parameters are more stable, and there is lots of cover to minimize these sensitive fish’s stress and make them feel secure. Rams and other Dwarf chichlids really need a complex habitat with as many nooks and crannies (Plants are great at making these.) and caves as possible. A great way to add a cave to the Ram’s habitat is to use a coconut cave – as it is perfectly shaped for a dark interior, and is a great medium for Java moss. They will take most foods, as they are omnivorous. It’s best to keep them over sand, as they often spend hours sifting it through their gills, looking for food particles.








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