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Discussion in 'Our Other Pets' started by UglyAsian, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. UglyAsian

    UglyAsianWell Known MemberMember

    I have a drilled 40 breeder, and am looking into gerbils. I have been reading on them, and want 6-8. Can someone give me a list for the things I need?
  2. Platylover

    PlatyloverFishlore VIPMember

    This is what I’d suggest-
    Soft bedding, not wood as the dust can cause problems. I suggest carefresh
    Food, I suggest Oxbo, good brand and I don’t know if it’s the same for gerbils but I know oxbo is one of the few foods that doesn’t include Alfa for rabbits(which causes stones in rabbits)
    Water bottle and holder, using distilled water is best
    Reptile sand, for them to bathe in, much better than any dust products which can cause problems
    Wheel, best to not get any with slits as their legs or tails can get caught in them
    Screen cover, allows fresh air to get in better
    Balls, very active animals and need to get out often
  3. OP

    UglyAsianWell Known MemberMember

  4. Lance0414

    Lance0414Well Known MemberMember

    To add on to what Platylover said, they need a cave per Gerbil just in case one gets territorial(Uncommon but i had one like that), Tubes under bedding for them to hide/play in(In the wild they live in tunnels), and they like fresh veggies twice a week(Peppers, Carrots, Spinach, Bananas, etc), NO Fruits, they have a lot of sugar and can give the Gerbils diabetes(My aggressive Gerbil died because i fed him a grape without knowing that).
  5. Amberk9Valued MemberMember

    Carefresh paper bedding (wood shavings can cause respiratory problems), water bottle, Supreme PetFoods Tiny Friends Farm Gerri Gerbil Food (longest name in history!)
    Or Oxbow Gerbil/Hamster food (it's expensive though), screen lid for the tank, sand for sand-baths, they should not have plastic toys because they will swallow chewed up pieces, wood toys or cardboard are safe. They need to chew on wood to keep their teeth from growing into the roof of their mouth :) Hope this helps!
  6. puffer boi

    puffer boiWell Known MemberMember

    make sure to have a couple of wheels i would get 2-3 8 inch wheels and make sure that it is not a wire wheel

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