Geophagus Red Head Tapajo in community tank ?


Too make a long story short, I've always wanted to keep Geophagus Red Head Tapajos. An online breeder I like has some 2" and 3"-4" Tapajos currently available.

Has anyone kept them, or any other geophagus, in a community tank?

I wanted to know of anyone's experience with keeping geophagus, especially Tapajos, with community fish and if anyone has seen them eat their smaller tank mates.

I see them on YouTube kept with assorted corydoras and tetras, but long term are they going to eat their tank mates when full grown ?

I am considering getting 1-3 to put in our 65g community tank. I know it's not optimal for them to be in a 65g, but I don't think they would do well in our 75g that's stocked with CA/SA cichlids my friend gave me when he switched to SW.

If I got some Tapajos in the 2"-3" range now and kept them in the 65g community tank, I can slowly rehome some of the SA/CA cichlids in the 75g later on when the Tapajos get larger and move them over.

Of course I know every individual fish is different, and I won't be surprised if a Tapajo eats a neon tetra for example.

Your thoughts? chromedome52 , 86 ssinit , A201 , Demeter , FinalFins , jake37 , Littlebudda,

Please tag anyone else you may think could give some input,



Earth Eaters aren't readily available in my area, never kept one. A member on another forum kept a solo 11" male Geophagus as a solo wet pet, while others successfully kept smaller varieties together in groups, in large peaceful community tanks.
IMO, All varieties of Geo's look interesting & beautiful.

86 ssinit

I had a pair of Geos years ago in a 55 community set up. There peaceful fish that sift through the gravel for food. They’re like big Cory’s. Mine got to about 6”. This was years ago and I think they were the only geos available. Don’t remember the name. But they never bothered any of the other fish. As they got bigger the colors really came out.


I think you could house Red head tapajos in a 65 as a grow out but I think you will need to move them out ass they grow.
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