geophagus brasiliensis & Frontosa? Help

  1. kirsty0569 Member Member

    my son is trying to get me to rehouse two frontosa that are being bullied by his african cichlids with my geophagus male. At the moment the geo is mateless, just in with a few catfish. I was wondering about compatibility, I don't want to see my son's frontosa bullied but the same might happen in my tank. If not compatible can you suggest a species that would be with my Geo. If the worse comes to the worse frontosas can be moved on. LFS said that I should not attempt to put another Geo with my Geo...
  2. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    I would have to say no to this, frontosa are from lake tangyanika and the geo is from south america, therefore they are not compatible under any circumstances.
  3. btate617 Well Known Member Member

    Well you kind of have a mess on your hands......

    What kind of Africans does your son have the Fronts with? They don't mix with very many fish.
    Even though Fronts get big and look tough they are actually shy and docile fish. When I had my colony I would actually throw fry in their tank to raise them in. What size tank is it also?

    Now with the Geophagus Brasiliensis again what size tank is it in?
    These are a very cool fish I too have had them a few times over the years. Even though these guys don't get over a foot like many Geophagus they will get up to about 10" and are far more robust than most Geophagus which to me makes them a much bigger fish than most Geo's. It depends on your tank size, but the LFS saying you can't mix Geo's is not right. Maybe they said that because of your tank size, which I don't know yet, but you can mix Geo's with the right set up.

    Now the problem with Geophagus Brasiliensis is they are not your typical Geo ( and in the future I bet the get moved to another genus but thats another story). They are actually very tough for what we think of as Geo's. I have even kept them in some tanks with Central American cichlids and they did quite well.
    Once I know the size tank maybe I can help you with some tank mates.

  4. kirsty0569 Member Member

    I have a 120l tank, I know ultimately its not big enough for the geo, he's about five inches now; originally a fish breeder sold him and his mate to my son as some kind of African cichlid, then was in with some labs, some haps, some pseudotropheus, some frontosa, some catfish and some striped fish which I can't remember the names, but they are quite aggressive. The africans ate one geo alive which wasn't pleasant & so the remaining geo was rehoused into my tank, the frontosas are being bullied now, not heavily just fin nipped. My geo shifts sand like nobody's business, I built him a slate cave which he seems to like, but he's taken all of the sand out of the cave, the front appearance of the tank is now like sand mountains where he has pile up the sand. In the tank is one bolivian ram who keeps himself to himself and several cory catfish, its a strange mix. to be honest when i took on the fish we didn't expect him to live, he was only quite small then, but he's thriving.... which is great but not so great is his future size! Teh geo is not aggressive to the other fish but tends to chase the bolivian ram at feeding time, apart from that they seem to be okay together but very much apart.
  5. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    If your tank is 120L, around 30 US Gallons, the frontosa cannot go in there, frontosa need atleast a 75G. How big is your sons tank? the majority of fish in your sons tank are from lake malawi, this is why the frontosa is being bullied.
  6. btate617 Well Known Member Member

    So your tank is around 31 gallons.

    What size is your sons?
    And the Fronts are still in his yes?
  7. kirsty0569 Member Member

    sons tank is approx 50 gallon. I think the breeder misled him what with the geo and the frontosa, but I think he should be able to rehouse the frontosa, they are still quite small. He'd rather do that than see them continue to be bullied. They've been in with the others for well over 6 months, but it seems that just recently the others have taken to nipping them.
  8. kirsty0569 Member Member

  9. btate617 Well Known Member Member

    Very nice Brasiliensis!

    Now for the bad news.....

    Don't believe everything you hear with mixing Africans and Americans, many people do it with success. I don't agree with it but others tank are not mine so.... The problem isn't so much PH differences it more to do with dietary needs. If you can meet these along with aggression and some other issues it will work.

    Now with your tank I would say the Fronts should go unless you plan on buying a big tank sometime soon. Your Brasiliensis should really be in the 50gal but I understand that is your sons tank so.
    If you keep it in the 30gal it won't be long before it is the only fish in the tank because I promise you it will eventually bully and eat the other small fish in the tank.
    You really don't have a tank big enough to keep multiple Geo's in, and the 30gal won't work long term either.

    That sucks the "breeder" mislead your son, its people like that the hobby could do without.

  10. Diggly Well Known Member Member

    Where abouts are you? I have a 120g tank with some geos in and I could rehouse yours for you if you wanted. I wouldnt expect it for free of course.
  11. kirsty0569 Member Member

    i'm in Bath, which seems a long way to transport? If I could find a good home for him I would be happy for him to go for free. But London is a long distance...
  12. kirsty0569 Member Member

    As he got bigger I began to move my fish out into my partners 50 gal... I wouldn't have chosen him for the 120litre but I must admit I think he's amazing and I wish the tank could keep him, but I know that sooner or later he will need to go. LFS doesn't want him, and I'm not sure I want him to go there. It would be cool if he could go somewhere he's going to be wanted.
  13. Diggly Well Known Member Member

    Take a look at they have a store in bristol and one in swindon which would be alot closer to you and they really care about their fish. Its the only place I get fish from now and they always offer good advice.

    Maybe they can take him in for you if thats easier? :) or there might be a store nearer to you, I dont know the towns around there so I just chose 2 that I knew were closish :).

    Hope this helps!
  14. btate617 Well Known Member Member

    Yea that sucks you don't have a tank big enough.

    They are a really cool and interesting fish to keep.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

  15. kirsty0569 Member Member

    Yes that does help, I've been to the Bristol one before, they are very informative. Our lfs in Bath wouldn't have the room as its small but I will ask at Maidenhead, Bristol and see what they suggest. I see they have a store in Melksham too. It sounds a bit pathetic but I would want to know that he would be okay because I'm strangely attached to him!!
  16. btate617 Well Known Member Member

    Are there any fish clubs around you?
  17. Diggly Well Known Member Member

    I totally understand that kirsty :) its weird what our pets do to us and I am just sorry that I am a bit too far out!
  18. kirsty0569 Member Member

    Thanks Diggly, and Brian. If maidenhead aquatics can't take him then I know I can ad in their store. I'll let you know what happens. I don't know of any fish clubs. It wouldn't be right for me to keep him, he should be in a big tank with others, yours would have been ideal diggly if it were closer, thanks both of you for your time and advice;-)
  19. Diggly Well Known Member Member

    Fins crossed for you and keep us updated :).