Geoff's Planted Shrimp Tank Build

Discussion in 'Members Fish Tanks' started by Geoff, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. GeoffWell Known MemberMember

    Some of you saw my other thread where I talked about possibly setting up a planted shrimp tank and what my plans would be. Since I decided to definitely do one, I'm starting a new thread to show the progress of my tank.

    I had a 10 gallon tank sitting in my basement, so I figured I might as well use that. I found a stand at Petco for under $30, and I now have the stand set up with the empty 10g sitting on it. I ordered a 20" Finnex Stingray LED light and a glass Versa-top and now have them both on the tank. The tank already has a black background on it from when I used it previously, and I plan to keep it on. I think the plants and shrimp will really stand out against the black background and black sand.


    My plan today is to rinse out the tank and rinse some black sand and put that in. I have a couple fake ornaments and pulled the fake leaves off them. I plan to attach Java moss to the one as explained in this thread. The other one, I'm going to use to attach some anubias to. Here are the ornaments prior to losing their leaves.


    I have the java moss and anubias on order from Trinsfish along with a few other plants. I'm not sure when they will be arriving (order is still being "fulfilled"), but I want the tank set up and ready to put the plants in as soon as they come.

    I ordered an AquaClear 20 filter and an Aqueon Pro 50-watt heater, and they both arrived yesterday (along with the light). I also have a pre-filter sponge to put on the filter intake. So, I have everything I need to get everything running while I wait for the plants to come. Once I get the plants in, I will order the shrimp. The plan is to get red cherry shrimp. Once the shrimp arrive, I'm going to seed the filter with media and crushed coral taken from my canister filter that's on my 36g. I have soft water and I use the coral to buffer my pH so it doesn't crash as it has in the past. Also, the coral will help keep the shrimps' exoskeletons healthy. I have a cuttlebone that I'm going to toss in as well for added calcium.

    I think that about covers it for now. I just have to find the motivation to get up and going with cleaning the tank and sand today! Can't do it tomorrow as it's my nephew's HS graduation party (he makes me feel so old!). It's still somewhat early, so there's plenty of time to procrastinate!

  2. GrimundWell Known MemberMember

    What light do you have?

  3. shusbandWell Known MemberMember

    It looks like the Finnex stingray.

  4. GeoffWell Known MemberMember

    Yep, that's the one.
  5. Bmur05Valued MemberMember

    Very cool! Excited to watch your progress!
  6. Shiloh KellerNew MemberMember

    good luck! some shrimps will alter their coloring based on the substrate (and possibly background?? im not sure) id make sure to get shrimp that intensify their colors when around black.
  7. GeoffWell Known MemberMember

    I got the tank and sand cleaned and put the sand in the tank. I rinsed off the filter parts and media and put it together. The filter and heater are both in the tank, and I'm now filling the tank with water. I'll run the filter for a few days to make sure all the dust and whatnot from the sand are removed. I'm sure I didn't do an excellent job of rinsing the sand! By then, the plants will have hopefully arrived.

    I'll be sure to post every step of the way!

    Thanks! And I'll be getting red cherry shrimp. I want to start out with easy, hardy shrimp.
  8. BithimalaFishlore VIPMember

    It's going to be a great setup. Definitely looking forward to seeing it all come together.
  9. GeoffWell Known MemberMember

    Welp, this is it for now. I plopped those things in there just so I wasn't staring at a completely empty tank. That is NOT the final scaping!


    To be continued when the plants arrive...
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  10. BubblySkootchValued MemberMember

    The RCSs will be absolutely gorgeous against the black sand and background! Can't wait to see what it looks like when all done!
  11. GrimundWell Known MemberMember

    I'm going to have to go with triple black for a future build. This only confirms it.

    Anything with stand out on this substrate, except black fish, lol.
  12. GeoffWell Known MemberMember

    After looking at those 2 faux wood pieces since yesterday, I've decided I don't like them and don't want to use them, at least not together. They're two different from each other and my touch of OCD can't handle it. I bought a faux log today that looks more natural and is hollowed out, thus providing some good hides for the shrimp. I also bought some river stones. I'll probably still include that sunken boat, though.

    Once the plants come, I'll play around with the scaping. Hopefully I'll come up with something I like. I just wish I knew when the plants would be here. I ordered them from on Wednesday afternoon and haven't been notified that they shipped yet. Is this normal for trinsfish?
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  13. GrimundWell Known MemberMember

    Dunno, but some stark white river stones would give the tank a cool yin/yang vibe.

    I've been toying with the idea with quartz spire structures for an isolated planet spacey vibe with the black. There's so many options that my head hurts.
  14. Bmur05Valued MemberMember

    I really like that piece on the left. Is that the one you're keeping? Looking great so far
  15. GeoffWell Known MemberMember

    I'm not sure yet. If I do use either of them, it would be that one.
  16. Bmur05Valued MemberMember

    It'll look good I'm sure
  17. GeoffWell Known MemberMember

    Just received notification that my plants will be arriving tomorrow! Gonna be a busy evening.

    I don't think I ever said what plants I ordered. I'm getting:

    - anubias coffeefolia
    - anubias nana
    - water wisteria
    - duckweed
    - java moss
    - marimo balls
  18. GeoffWell Known MemberMember

    So after I last posted, I went to PetSmart and saw that they had some windelov java ferns. I had wanted to get some regular java ferns with my plant order but they were out of stock. So I bought the windelovs.

    This afternoon, I attached the windelovs via super glue to the faux log that I mentioned in an earlier post. The log and windelovs are now in the tank.


    Earlier, I listed the plants I'll be getting tomorrow. I'm looking for ideas on where to put them. I was thinking the wisteria could go behind the log and in front of the heater. The coffeefolia could go in the open area to the left surrounded by some large river stones. One of the nanas could go in the front center area and the other maybe could go in the front right corner or perhaps attached to the log somewhere. Then the moss balls could just go where there are some open spaces left. Not sure what to do with the java moss. I mentioned before that I was thinking of doing a moss tree but I underestimated the size of the log when I bought. The tree would be too tight of a fit.


    Any ideas?
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  19. GrimundWell Known MemberMember

    Too tall I assume?
  20. GeoffWell Known MemberMember

    Actually no, the base is too big. Takes up too much of the open area to the left. Just looks really cramped.

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