29 Gallon Tank Generator recommendations for power outages?


I'm not sure if most fish keepers just live in warm climates or if their power companies are just more on the ball, but in researching power options in the event of an outage, it seems like most people are concerned with keeping only pumps on?? For a max of a couple hours??

Idk about you guys but I'm from Canada, and we have our lovely "not" crown corporation bchydro running a monopoly on the energy industry in my province... And they suck. The last couple years, my power has been out for a minimum of 3 days at a time during -10c° or colder weather (0c° is the freezing point where water turns to ice, equivalent to 32F° which makes NO sense to me I might add). So to say I need something to run heaters as much as I need pumps is an understatement!

I have 3 tanks, 2 of which are heated, and 4 filters plus 2 air pumps. 29 and 5.5 are heated, 20 isnt. Light isn't a concern because they're freshwater. I'm figuring I need a generator for them. I would prefer battery but I'm open to gas. Can someone please recommend me one I can buy locally or online? Amazon or elsewhere as long as shipping to Canada won't be a pain.

Frank the Fish guy

Go to your local Home Depot and pick out a portable gas powered generator such as this:

Haven an electrician run a line to the generator and transfer switch so that it can power your whole circuit while isolating you from the power grid. You don't want to send power back out onto the grid.

Now you have to choose a generator that is enough power to run what you need in an emergency.

Go around the house and add up the power of what you need in an emergency.

Well pump
microwave oven

At my place we have a 5500 W generator and it keeps us going in a long blackout. Fish too! I can even run the hot water heater at night when everything else is off!
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