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    This is my second tank. I love Angelfish and would love to keep them but the problem is I can't get them to live. I monitor my tank closely, do water changes weekly and try to do all i can to keep my fish healthy. The problem is that I can go and get Angels put them in the tank and they look great for a couple of days then they die. I don't know what kills them, all of the other fish are fine. The water parameters are all good. They act normal and you don't see any signs of injury or disease until it is to late. I finally gave up and said no more Angels. Are these fish that sensitive to changes in tank chemistry? Could I be getting weak or diseased fish from the start? I tried this twice with two Angels each time. I just couldn't take the chance on killing any more. I would love to hear evryone's opinion. Also as far as I can tell I haven't had any mini cycles. Another thing, where I live the only place to get fish locally is a national chain pet store. I walked in the other day and an Angel had ICK but they were selling fish to anyone that wanted them. I will buy online after that.
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    I think your pH is a little high. I would acclimate them very slowly to give them time to adjust. It could just be shock from the change. I would test the pH when you get the fish and see how much of a difference it is. I am not familiar with all the types of fish you have so I can't say whether there were some compatibility issues or not.
    Hopefully you will have better luck with an online store. And try to stay with half dollar size or bigger. I have a huge LFS near me that makes me sad because everytime I go in no matter what day or time there are SO many sick fish. And they have like 300 tanks... I get my plants there though because they are the only place nearby that has a good selection. But fish.... No Way!
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    I have been researching angels as well and most people have told me that as long as you keep up on your water changes they are a good hardy fish. Acclimate them slowly. The only different advice I have heard from what is stated above is the size. I have been told the smaller ones ship better and handle changes better then larger ones. What size were the ones you bought that died?
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    I'll be honest I heard the size thing from the owner of a LFS... now remember they sell bigger fish for more money. ;)
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    welcome to FishLore!
    I have raised and bred angels at a pH of 7.-7.8 without a problem so if acclimated slowly I don't see a problem there.
    What size tank are you putting them into? How long has it been set up ? and what other fish are in the tank. What are you using to test your water parameters with?
    Sorry for all the questions but the answers will help us help you.
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    Buying angels from the large chains seems to asking for trouble, Id stay away if I were you. Were they eating? Was the poop clear or translucent? It could be internal parasites like Hexamita. If so you treat that with Metronadizole (I soak frozen dethawed bloodworms in a diluted meronadizole.I guess you could buy from a good mail order breeder. Open the box in very limited light and acclimate slowly. Be ready to diagnose any parasites or bacterial deseases they may come with, but I hear the mail order quality is pretty good. Good luck.
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    It's very difficult to find healthy angels at chain stores IMO. Is there an aquarium club anywhere around you? That might be a good avenue to explore to find a breeder.
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    Not that I am aware of. I was considering an online store. Mainly just don't want to have any more die. I like them to much for that.
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    Angelfishes like the pH of 7.0 right? or 7.4? Since they don't like acidic water too much or base water?
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    Are you wanting to buy fishes online now? I don't know if that is a good idea. If you can, try and look for sellers who offer a full 100% refund guarantee because then you know that if the fish they send to you has gone wrong, then you have to be sure to tell them what happened to the fish and then they should be able to give you a refund. I just get fishes from my LFS usually, and they seem to be very very healthy. Most of the fishes at the LFS I get are very healthy and strong. Although I don't know how some fishes can get ICK? Does it come from inside of them?
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    Nothing wrong with buying fish online from a reputable breeder. You'll get better quality fish with better genetics than you will get at a national chain store. National chain stores buy fish by the thousands at the lowest possible price, their business is quantity, not quality.

    If you buy angels from a national chain, quarantine them in a 20 to 30 gallon tank, bare bottom with a cycled sponge filter. Keep the temp at 80 - 82, teaspoon of salt per gallon of water and feed them with medicated food. Do daily 10% water changes and in 2 weeks time they should be ready to move to the main tank. I have used this method with angels from petsmart and had good results. I would also recommend buy quarter to half dollar size fish, they can handle change better at that size.