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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by fjh, May 21, 2019.

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    For the life of me, I cant figure out if this betta is male or female! She was given to me as a female (with 2 other female bettas) and appears to have an egg spot. However this egg spot is much smaller than on the other gals and I think it might just be a patch of lighter scales or perhaps a missing scale. Additionally, he/she flares and chases the 2 gals I got her with and seems to have a visoble beard when he's not flaring. Any help is appreciated!

    Also note: he/she is blind in one eye and has some torn fins. I got her like this and hope to help him/her heal - no need to comment!      

  2. fjh Well Known Member Member

    Having issues with adding pics in all my threads... here they are again. Could a mod help with this?     

  3. midna Well Known Member Member

    they personally look male to me?

  4. fjh Well Known Member Member

    Thanks for the quick reply! That is all the same fish btw. Just trying and failing to get different angles lol.
    Male would certainly explain his behavior..... eek! I'll definitely have to separate him then.
  5. midna Well Known Member Member

    oh, i mean "they" as in a gender-neutral pronoun, not as a plural noun, in case they aren't actually male lol. but i do see what looks to be a beard. their body shape is similar to one of my male plakats.
  6. fjh Well Known Member Member

    oh haha, my bad!

    My problem is I haven't owned bettas since I first started in the hobby, so I've forgotten everything (ugh!). After researching everything again, apparently young males can have an egg spot and some females will have beards. Both will flare and act aggressively, and (very rarely) both will build bubble nests. I just want a definitive answer! lol...

    I'll wait for a few more people to chime in. Mostly what is driving me crazy is whether or not what I see is an egg spot. Its like... a small white patch but it is flush with his scales. I couldn't get a good picture cuz he won't sit still :/
  7. Victoria99 Valued Member Member

    Looks like a boy to me?
    Maybe she was a girl when you got her but has secretly been undergoing hormone treatments for a sex change to male
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