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Hello all! I am awaiting my new crested gecko who will arrive tomorrow, and thought in the mean time to share some s of my gecko vivarium build! The terrarium contains a guinea chestnut and a large snake plant, atop some springtails for decomposition purposes. For the substrate I used a layer of hydroballs, separated from the soil by a screen. The soil is a mixture of Eco-Earth coconut fiber, organic, natural and pet-safe potting soil, aspen shavings, and sphagnum moss. I added some cork rounds to plant the chestnut in, along with some sanitized driftwood I found on a beach a while back (it was baked for over 2 hours). For the background, I used Great Stuff foam and aquarium grade silicon. I pressed cork rounds into the foam during the initial construction stages to give the gecko plenty of places to hide. After the foam dried, I shaved it away and coated the remaining surface with the silicon. Following that, I completely covered the wet silicon with coconut fiber and mosses to give it a naturalistic look. My gecko is coming in from an out-of -state breeder tomorrow, and I hope he likes the vivarium I have created for him!

I would really value some positive feedback/thoughts on my build. Thanks for taking the time to look at this post!


Hooray! I love the setup!
Congratulations on your gecko, I hope he pleases you!

Here's a picture of my crabitat


I'm wanting to set up a vivarium but don't know whether to go amphibian or gecko...are they hard to keep?

Dawn Michele

Beautiful vivarium. Your Crested Gecko will LOVE it!!!
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Thank you all!
Fanatic That is an awesome setup. The live plants seem to be really thriving!

Western It depends on which species you are interested in keeping. Crested Geckos are fairly low-maintenance, however, they need routine care (feeding every 2-3 days for adults, misting for humidity maintenance, etc.) If you're looking for something that you can toss a few crickets in the terrarium with, it shouldn't be for a Crestie. If your around to provide the routine care, though, they make fantastic pets! Good luck!

Dawn Michele Thank you!

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