Gecko Setup and care ? 10 Gallon Tank

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    I got a 10 gallon glass aquarium ,with a screen cover,I am looking to get a small gecko.It will be my first time keeping a gecko.I have a few question to ask,I did look up the info.But you guys can help me to under stand more

    1. Do i need a lighting if i have a heat pad ?

    2. what is a good Substrate for the bottom of the tank.

    3. what Equipment will i need for a gecko (please list ) so i can go shopping for the item do i set a gecko tank,(if you have picture it will help )

    5.I need help with the hot and cold i need any thing special when they shedding its skin ?
  2. Shawnie

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    congrats!! they are cute lil buggers :)

    1. Yes they need a light...they like to bask
    2. sand
    3. food bowl, water bowl, spray mister (water bottle is fine) fake things to climb bask and scrape on
    4. lost my pics but I have a vid that you can kind of see set up
    5. Im not sure I understand this question im sorry
    6. spraying them a couple times a week helps but they really do most of it on their own
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    thank you