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GBRs :(

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by tnfishkeeper, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. tnfishkeeper Valued Member Member

    Just venting my frustration. I am on the hunt for GBR. My local PetSmart and PETCO have them.. but they aren't very colorful and some are sick. My LFS hardly orders rams, only receives them every few weeks and never any GBR. Sigh :(

  2. geminichick_90 Valued Member Member

    have you asked your LFS to special order for you?

  3. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Beautiful fish!
    Liveaquaria has them


  4. fishyluv Well Known Member Member

    Yes liveaquaria does have them but i would maybe get them else where. I ordered from them a month ago and they were not the healthiest fish. Some were dead on arrival and some died after a day or so. i know i wont be ordering from them again. I believe they are no better than a petsmart. Just my opinion.......
  5. gourami88 Valued Member Member

    I would ask your LFS if they can special order you some. My LFS is pretty small so they don't always carry what I want but can order just about anything if I ask for it. They may ask you to pay up front (like a pre-paid special order) or put down a deposit so they know you are serious (mine did the first couple times but after a while stopped-either way I didn't care since I was going to pay for them at some point) but you should have the money anyway if you are asking them to special order you something.
  6. tnfishkeeper Valued Member Member

    The LFS only special orders when you make a minimum purchase. I only need one.

    I have been eyeing that website. Are they good to order from?
  7. chevyguy8893 Well Known Member Member

    They are generally really stressed in many stores, so their coloring probably isn't going to be vibrant. It seems like LFS can get them pretty easy if they are requested, like already suggested. If you haven't found GBR's by the time you get to 50 posts, there is one member, harpua2002, who sells some beautiful looking rams on here from time to time. Aquabid generally has them too, along with their various color morphs.

    To show that the petsmart rams do color up well, here is a shot of my female. So, if you can find healthy looking ones, it is an option.
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  8. gourami88 Valued Member Member

    I've ordered from there several times (both fish and plants) and have always been happy with the quality. Their price on the fish isn't bad, but shipping is a little spend so if you are only getting one fish I wouldn't go this option (for LFS minimum is probably less). I've only used them when I was ordering at least $50 worth of fish.

    And I don't know if you need or could use other fish to meet your LFS minimum, or maybe if you do planted tanks you could perhaps order some plants as well to hit that minimum. My LFS doesn't have a minimum since their regular orders are usually large enough they don't have to worry about it. What is your LFS's minimum?
  9. tnfishkeeper Valued Member Member

    They want you to order $35. I am not looking to order that many at once although eventually i would like to finish my stocking after the GBR by adding 6 julii corys. I am eventually setting up a 5g heavily planted tank but no time in the future. Got to find a suitable stand first. I guess I could buy a new master test kit lol. They aren't doing another FW order for another few weeks though.. they mainly deal with corals and SW.

    I may just go the PetSmart route.
  10. M0T0 Valued Member Member

    The ones at PS aren't very colorful they are still young and will devolope there colors as they mature. I bought a pair from PS they were just starting to color up after about a month in their new home they colored up nicely.
    Here's a pic of my female from PS
  11. Eienna Fishlore VIP Member

    Once you get to 50 posts, try either harpia2002 or RogueAgent94. Both could likely sell you some very nice rams, and if Rogue doesn't have them he may be able to order them for you. You could also try aquabid.com, but the mentioned two people are your best bet.
  12. tnfishkeeper Valued Member Member

    I might just do that. :) I am new to GBR and cichlid in general. Do i just get a male or do they do best in pairs? Current stock is 5x guppy, 6x glofish tetra. Will eventually get 6x julii cory. Looking for a centerpiece. 29g. Tank is running two canisters.
  13. Eienna Fishlore VIP Member

    Sounds perfect to add a ram or pair to. :)

    Trouble is, they like to pick their own mates; starting with a group of juveniles and letting them pair themselves up, then rehoming the rest, is usually the best way to go. However, that kind of requires a bigger tank than you have to work with. The mentioned sellers could probably pick you out a pair, or you could just get a male and female and hope they like each other. You could go with a single, too. I would not recommend two adults of the same sex in less than 40g, just from my experiences with them.
  14. tnfishkeeper Valued Member Member

    Thanks a lot. Once I am positively sure my params are okay from my lastest fish addition, I will be contacting the sellers above. :D That is, once I get to 50 posts. :p.
  15. Eienna Fishlore VIP Member

    You're over halfway there :)