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GBR with chilli rasbora

  1. M

    Matt White New Member Member

    I'm new to both Fishlore and forums in general, so bear with me...

    I have a 90 gallon tank with a sump I'm trying to set up, i love the looks of boraras brigittae as well as the blue rams. I've been trying to do as much research as I can, my only concerns are lighting, and size difference.
    The chilli's prefer a dimmer light than the gbr, but I plan to keep the sides of the tank heavily planted. I think I'll also have to use some peat moss in the sump to help keep the ph down, so my water will be slightly darkened anyways.
    Then my next concern would be size, chilli's get to be about an inch, and gbrs 2 1/2 - 3, but one should hang out on top and one on bottom. I would much rather have tons of small fish than just a few big. I would like to have 20 - 25 of the chilli's and a half dozen gbr.

    Anyone have any advise?


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  2. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    :sign0016: to Fishlore :)

    20-25 chili rasboras would be lost in a 90 gallon I have 18 in a 30 & hardly notice them.
    I'd double that number at least for a decent display of them, you'd still be quite understocked even with half a dozen Gbr's as well.
    No tank is complete without some corys imo, you could have a group of 10-12, if you're going for a blackwater effect Adolfoi or Duplicareus would be a good choice
  3. OP

    Matt White New Member Member

    Yes, thank you, I know I'll still be under stocked with just the chilli's and rams, I was thinking upping the number of chilli's, a half dozen Cory cats, some neon tetras, and maybe 3 kuhli loaches, but I haven't checked out if the parameters will match up yet.

    Thanks again,

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