GBR tank mates 30 Gallon Tank

  1. Sethep32 Initiate Member

    So I have just finished cycling my new 30g long tank and went to my LFS to look at what fish I currently have available to put in it. I fell in love with two GBRs and have decided that they will be my centerpiece. I remembered seeing that they need a well established tank to go into so i held off on buying them. I want to know which fish they would work well with that i could put in first. I want at least one schooling fish, and like angels and gourami's, but I am unsure if they would be a positive tank mate for a cichlid. Any suggestions?
  2. stearnsjg Initiate Member

    Angelfish are cichlids too. Rams are very peaceful, for a cichlid. Angels are semi-aggressive but are OK with rams. I would only do a pair of angels. Gouramis are also semi-aggressive and like to dominate their tanks so I wouldn't use them. If you go with angels, larger tetras such as blackskirts and bleeding hearts would work. Or harlequin rasboras. If you do decide to go with gouramis, pretty much any tetra with the exception of maybe very small cardinals would work.

  3. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    Dwarf gouramis would be great with them, and plus it would be very cool to have those two fish together.
    I do have a GBR with a DG and they get along fine.
  4. stearnsjg Initiate Member

    For bottom feeders, a small school of cories would be nice. Perhaps otos would work for algae control.

  5. Sethep32 Initiate Member

    I like the cories and i like the thought of angelfish. How big o a school of rams should i get? I have seen many people keep them in pairs. Plus, could i have a school of tetras (5-7) in my 30 if i had a pair of GBR and A pair of Angels plus some cories?
  6. stearnsjg Initiate Member

    Depends on how good your filtration is. And I would only get a pair of rams, otherwise they may be too territorial.
  7. stearnsjg Initiate Member

    Or you could get 1 angel and a small tetra school.

  8. Sethep32 Initiate Member

    I think i will go with a two GBR, one Angel, 5 tetras, and 5 cories. I would be pretty close to fully stocked then. My next question is, which fish should go in first.
  9. FishTank Maniacz Well Known Member Member

    Hey! I guess I'll pitch in :) I have a 55 gallon tank. Your fish stock sounds similar to mine. About 6 months ago I set it up. My stock is 19 neon tetras 6 gold barbs and 4 german blue rams. Im going to finish off the stock with some corys in the next few weeks. Also you did the right thing by not buying those rams yet. You are correct that they need a well established tank to go in.
    And now to answer your question, I would do the tetras the first week, maybe the angelfish about a week or two later. Then wait about another week or two and add the cory's. Then comes the about 3-6 month wait before you should add the rams.
    Also what kind of tetra were you thinking about getting?
  10. Sethep32 Initiate Member

    I was thinking of a long finned red minor. I wasn't sure if the fins would get nipped though.

  11. JeffK Well Known Member Member

    Rummynose tetras might work well - they have similar water requirements as GBRs and are one of the schooling fish that actually do school together tightly. Just my 2 cents - good luck with your tank!