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    So I have a 20g high and 20g long that I want to put some ram fish in... Is it possible to put a pair of electric blue rams in with a pair of thick lipped honey fire gouramis in a 20g high? Anyone know? I really wanted a pair in both tanks if possible... A pair of electric blues and a pair of gold rams is what I want to start... I have a 55g I was think of putting some in as well but I have guppies in the 55 so not sure if that's ok. Any advice or knowledge of rams is welcome!
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    thicklip gourami's need more swimming space than a 20 high. If they are honey gourami's then a 20 high would likely be fine. A 20 high would probably be fine for a pair of rams but a 20 long would be better.

    They should be fine with guppies in a 55 but I would monitor closely as it will likely depend on the temperament of the rams whether or not they will kill the guppies.
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    The thick lipped gouramis are the red version of the sunset honeys.. Basically the same size... They not the larger thick lipped ones. I have had the pair in my 20h for a few months now and they do great.. Was thinking of adding a ram or 2 with them but not sure.
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    [​IMG] these are my thick lipped gouramis... I live in portland Oregon and my LFS is a well known place called the wet spot... These gouramis will only get 2 inches but are called thick lipped honey fires. That's what they called them at wet spot. The wet spot is known nationally to have many rare kinds of fish. I have seen the thick lipped gouramis that get to be 4 inches... These are NOT those... To my knowledge they are a red color morph of a honey sunset. Same size as my other sunset honeys and very mellow temperament. Great fish! I have seen many different names for the same fish... At times I wonder who knows what lol!
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    [​IMG] another pic of one
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    I can't be sure with the pics but they look like color morphs of the T. chuna. Naming conventions vary and lots of times LFS throw names around because they sound cool
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    Sooooo jealous that Wet Spot is your LFS!
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    Yea didn't realize at first but I am lucky for sure!