Gbr Companions In A 75g

  1. Blue Bea

    Blue Bea Valued Member Member

    I'm hoping you guys can help me. I picked up a 75g (4 ft) set up yesterday. The plan is to run it a few months and then put my 3 GBR pairs in it so that they can have a more peaceful home. Before I plan the tankscape, I need to figure out a tentative stocking list. It will be a planted tank but not too heavy.

    I would like a small sized schooling fish that is middle/top dwelling. They need to meet the water parameters of the Rams which is pH lower than 7, soft water, with a warmer temp range. It also needs to be a fish that won't harass the Rams too much when they spawn. If they are rather small, I would worry less and be able to have a larger school. I like my neon Tetras but they won't work in those parameters.

    As a side note, would an albino BN Pleco be chilled out enough not to bug the rams during spawning? My regular BNs leave them alone and I want to put an albino into the new tank because they are adorable.

    Thanks in advance!

    Edited to add: This isn't meant to be a breeding tank of any sort but the rams will spawn and the less stressful it is, the better.
  2. Kristie Bivens

    Kristie Bivens New Member Member

    I have endlers with my rams and everybody gets along great.
  3. OP
    Blue Bea

    Blue Bea Valued Member Member

    Thank you! I hadn't even considered them.
  4. vikingkirken

    vikingkirken Well Known Member Member

    There are many types of tetras you could do, including cardinal, rummynose, penguin, bloodfin, glass bloodfin, and marbled hatchetfish. You could also look into pencilfish.
  5. OP
    Blue Bea

    Blue Bea Valued Member Member

    I'm looking at all the different tetras now. id love to find some that I really like that would work.

    I've never really looked at pencilfish. I'll check them out!