Gateway Aquatics - St. Louis, MO

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    Gateway Aquatics
    4570 Telegraph Road
    St. Louis, MO 63129
    (314) 845-8686

    I've shopped at all the saltwater fish and reef stores in the St. Louis area and Gateway Aquatics is one of the good stores around for saltwater aquarium hobbyists. They have live saltwater fish, soft and stony corals and lots of equipment and tanks (both new and used). This is a saltwater only type store, although they may have equipment for freshwater hobbyists too (thermometers, heaters, foods, etc)

    The store itself isn't all that great looks/decoration wise (and I honestly could care less about looks) but to some folks that is important. It is also kinda small but to me the important thing is that the owner and staff are knowledgeable about all things saltwater and they will help you out if you have questions. Prices and selection are on par with the rest of the stores in St. Louis. They could use a bit more diversity when it comes to fish selection, they seem to be more coral/equipment heavy.

    It's a good store and worth a visit.
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