Garden rock

  1. Oliver5672

    Oliver5672 Well Known Member Member

    I found a really weirdly shaped rock in my garden and I would really like to place it in the tank that I am setting up. But I dont know whether its safe to put in my tank, it needs a clean off but as its been in my garden would it give off negative stuff or would it be fine?
  2. aliray

    aliray Fishlore VIP Member

    Wash it off with a stiff bristled brush under running tap water. Put it some place to dry, Then put some white vinegar on it and see if it fizzes. If it doesn't than you should be fine. Do not boil the rock , however you can also pour boiling water over it in a bucket and let it cool down. Alison
  3. OP

    Oliver5672 Well Known Member Member

    Ok thanks, I just didn't want to put anything harmful into the tank