Gang Valves


I'm having trouble on how they work, I bought a air pump has 2 outlets and a 4 way gang valve, how do I hook it up?


You can only hook it to one out let on you pump. You will need another valve for the other.


how many things are you trying to run off 1 dual outlet air pump? I recently got a dual airpump to run 2 sponge filters and it works amazing in my 5.5 and my 55


Does your gang valve have an inlet on each end? One end may have a screw in it. The old 4 I have is like that.
If yours is like that I'd hook a hose to each end after removing the screw? I'm not sure if this is bad for the pump but that is what the card the gang valve came on, said to do.
If it is bad for the pump then I would not do it.
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