FYI: Cooling your tank - Aqua Medic 'Arctic Breeze' fans

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HI all,
This isn't a review persay, but given there is a lot of talk/questions about cooling the aquarium, and we generally always end up recommending fans (evaporative cooling), I figured I'd let everyone know what I've found

Aqua Medic have sets of aquarium fans that clip on to the glass (from what I can tell), and whilst probably more so designed for the Saltwater setup, I reckon they'd work on Freshwater too.

The claI'm to be able to reduce temp's by 4C.

More info:

I haven't actually purchased these, and can't find pricing on them in Aus, but I reckon they'd be a lot cheaper than a chiller unit.

Stang Man

Go to my pics and I have a fan that I installed on my sump! Check it out!!!

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