Fx6 With Split Outlet & Inline Heaters

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by JanH, Jun 26, 2019.

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    So happy to have found this group! I am returning to keeping fish after (too many) decades without them. A lot of technology has changed, so I'm preparing to set up my new freshwater tank slowly as I learn from those with experience. I hope to have a well-planted, community fish tank and here's where I'm at so far:

    125 gallon (frameless by Miracles in Glass out of Montreal)
    Fluval FX6
    Ceiling-hung light fixture (Pulzar LED by Geissmann)
    Walnut stand (Midwest Custom Aquariums)
    3D background (Aquadecor slim model)

    I was planning to split the inlets to the filter, and using inline heaters on the outlet side. I understand the outlet on the FX6 can be split (I honestly haven't even taken it out of the box yet). I sent a note to Hagen Group / Fluval Aquatics about the split inlets and inline heater. Their response to both was "no - not designed or tested for either."

    I felt that having the split inlet would help with circulation in the tank, and the inline filter would help keep the look of the tank clean which is one of primary goals, other than a healthy tank!

    Any thoughts?
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    Welcome to Fishlore & back to the hobby, hope our members can answer your questions today
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    I wouldn't split the inlet side. Messing with the inlet side can cause premature pump wear and failure. Unless you are trying to get a front to back swirl going, there's not a circulation advantage to doing this anyway, you would get much less flow to each inlet.

    On the outlet, fluval said nope because they didn't test or design for it, but slowing down outlets is safe for pumps. Adding an inline heater, or splitting the outlet, or both, wont cause harm.

    I would suggest letting the filter filter, and buying a circulation pump if you want circulation. The way we tend to use filters to circulate is a waste of money, space, and electricity. A pump is a quarter the price, and will give at least 2x the circulation.