Fuzzy White Fungus On Shrimp's Head Or Vorticella?

  1. lmo Member Member

    I noticed this on two of my shrimps yesterday. The day before, a crystal red had died seemingly without warning and suddenly. Can anyone help with ID of what this is and is it responsible for the other shrimp's death? I've read a bit about vorticella but not sure if it is this because it looks different to other photos I've seen. When I checked on the black cherry shrimp this afternoon it seems to have disappeared -
    I don't see evidence that its moulted either. I'm not sure if the other shrimp still has it though. Does this mean its ok now or is still infected and needs treating? And if so how do I treat it? Thanks
  2. lmo Member Member

    I think I can still see the 'growth' on the red shrimp in the photo above and might be a tiny bit on another red shrimp. Any ideas what it is and what I can do or will it go on its own?

  3. AllieSten Fishlore VIP Member

  4. MelloYello Member Member

    I remember seeing this on my cherry shrimp before I lost them all...

    But at that time I was inexperienced, they where in a uncycled 1 gallon tank, they kept getting sucked into the filter intake, and I really had no idea what "water quality ment"

    So thats probably very little help to you... But whats your temp, ph and ammonia, nitrite and nitrate?

  5. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    It looks like saprolegnia to me, but I am SO not good with shrimp. I do know that they can develop this.
  6. lmo Member Member

    I haven't tested the water since I noticed the problem so I'll have to do that now. Its a relatively new 27 litre tank - the last shrimp was added about 4 weeks ago but it was completely cycled. It is room temperature so at the moment 23 degrees. I wasn't able to get a reading for pH - the test strip didn't seem to change colour but I'll try testing for that again now.
  7. lmo Member Member

    Thanks. Is there anything I can do? The black shrimp seems to have lost the fungus - I read that this can happen if it is an external infection and they moult (although I haven't seen its moult). Does this mean its still infected or ok?

  8. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    The molt should have taken care of the "fungus". Read this link, scroll over half way down to fungal infections. It gives treatment options (One doesn't sound so good)
    Again, I am sorry, I know what it looks like in fish but I don't do shrimp.
    Shrimp Diseases and Diagnosis
  9. lmo Member Member

    Thanks. Its tricky as its quite hard to spot which ones are infected. The black shrimp was the worst affected but now seems to be fine and with the other shrimp I'm having to wait until they are next to the glass and use a magnifying glass - I can only see a tiny bit of the fungus on 2 red cherries. It will be hard to catch them as the tank's full of plants and places to hide and there are lots of tiny shrimplets everywhere.
  10. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    Good luck!

  11. lmo Member Member

    Just tested the water quickly with the test strips. Couldn't get a reading for pH - the colour doesn't look like any on the colour chart. KH and GH are good. Nitrite looks like 0ppm and nitrate somewhere between 0 and 20. Still need to test ammonia...
  12. lmo Member Member

    Thank you
  13. MelloYello Member Member

    Nice! So they will have the best of luck when fighting off the fungi, good water quality always helps!

    Hope your shrimp get well soon.
  14. lmo Member Member

    Thank you
  15. lmo Member Member

    Several months on now - I have tried putting shrimp with the saprolegnia visibly on them in quarenteen and at one point thought I had got rid of it only for it to reappear a little while later so not sure where it came from. I found that shrimp with an external infection would eventually lose it (I assume it came off with a moult) but the shrimp I lost had no visible infection (so these perhaps had the same infection but internal after eating the moult from an infected shrimp). At the moment I can't see any infected shrimp though I know in the past the infection came back. I have added indian almond leaves, which I've read have anti-fungal properties and this seems to have made the difference - the shrimp generally seem healthier and the shrimplets are growing faster. I have got quite a few snails in this tank that I would like to transfer to another - is there any risk they can carry the infection?