Fuzzy spot

  1. Witchydesign

    Witchydesign Well Known Member Member

    Well I just started setting up my 10 gallon tank for Jenks, so eventually the baby cory's can have his 5 gal. Didnt put any water or hardscape in, ive been trying to decide what exactly to do. While staring at my 20, arranging plants in my mine i noticed my "alpha" serpae male seems to have a white fuzzy spot on his tail. It doesnt look like Ick to me, maybe someone here can give me a direction to go in. It seems the 10 may have to be a qt instead. Lets see if i can get a decent picture. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Well, irl it looks fuzzy. Nothing on the rest of the fish, other than fin-nip damage. I recently introduced a new male and they've been reestablishing a pecking order.

    Tank params- 0,0,10
    Stock- 6 serpaes, 5 albino corys, ramshorn snails
  2. Tonia

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    I am not exactly sure what the spot would be from. Being fuzzy, it almost suggests that it could be a fungal infection which could have been caused by fin nip damage. I would keep an eye on him. Keep his water as clean as possible and maybe move him to the QT if you notice any worsening.