Fuzzy Dwarf (or another dwarf)


Hey guys,
I want more fish for my tank, as it seems rather naked atm. I think I like the look of the fuzzy dwarf, but I have a cleaner shrimp... and I heard that lion fish almost always eat shrimp... bad thing is... I reallly like my shrimp, he's been there from the start and I don't really want to loose him..

Is there any kind of other lion fish that wouldn't eat a shrimp? (or small fish, I have clowns, banggais and a mandarin). I LOVE the look of the bigger lionfish but I know that my other fish wouldn't last 2 minutes..

If not, can anyone suggest other fish that would go great in my tank?? (I do like larger, graceful floaters, but on the other hand I like the small ones that swim cute ^^, so really i'm open to anything, as long as it has a splash of colour or a nice personality
And this can be an optional thing, but I preferably want to keep more than one of the species, because I would be interested to see if they would breed (eg, I have 2 clowns and 2 banggais (not that any action has happened yet..if ever))


Hello Char,

Hopefully you'll get some responses today.

Hang in there.

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guess not ken... we need more salties! haha


I agree that we need more salties here. lol

I have a volitian lion with my clowns and damsels, but I don't recommend this at all. I can only get way with this due to the lion being small right now. It's eating frozen and I only feed it live at first, then switch it to frozen.

The lion isn't aggressive, but if it can fit it in it's mouth, it will try to eat it. Even it don't fit in it's mouth it might try anyway. I know that very soon it will have to come out.

Once my other fish get bigger I may try a dwarf or a radiata lion since they stay fairly small. And if my other fish don't fit in their mouths then I maybe able to get away with it. I know it's a risk still.

Have you looked into any dawrf angels or butterfly fish? I have a singapore angel that's on of my favorites and a copperbanded butteryfish that looks good in my tank. Both are very well behaved and don't brother any of the other fishes.

I like the scooter blenny a lot too. Acts a lot like the mandrins, but you see it a lot more.

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