Future Upgrades

  1. MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    Since I have been restricted to 3 tanks (75,30,10) (and a 5 for cory fry under the 75, but that doesn't count lol), I must be creative in my set ups.

    So, my Bday is coming up, and I would love to sell my 10Gal set up (with hood) for a simple 20 long tank . . . which I would divide into 3 for my betta boys. I wanted to divide the 10 and have 2 in there, but now I don't want the 3rd in the 30.

    So... I am hoping my bf will be ok with the *small* upgrade (we have limited space in our new apartment). Money wise, I should break even (maybe even make a little, since I don't need to buy anything extra).

    Then, further down the road, I would like to upgrade my 30 (36x12 1/2x 15) for a 55. Practically the same footprint!:giggle:

    I have enough in filtration and heaters to just switch them over and not have to buy more.
    I just hope he goes for it. Fish keeping is not his thing, and he is already very accomodating. **Fingers crossed I get my new 20 long*** lol
  2. xNick Member Member

    Sounds like a great plan. How are you going to divide your bettas? Clear or opaque?

  3. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    You know, if you get a double stand for that 55, you could put the 30 underneath it :) It doesn't count if it doesn't take up additional space.
  4. MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    Haha, that could work, but unfortunately, the 30 is on a large dresser! I don't think it would go so well having all the dresser drawers removed and a tank put in its place lol.

  5. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    Is the 55 gonna fit on the dresser? Because it's a foot longer....
  6. MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    Yeah it will. There's plenty of room on each side with the 30. I'm thinking that if no more room, or more money is used for the upgrades... Then it's ok, right?
  7. fresh water Member Member

    Iam sure you can talk him into it, must be a good dresser it will hold over 550 lb

  8. fresh water Member Member

    BTW hope you have a Happy Birthday :;balloons:;hb
  9. MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    Thanks Freshwater! (its almost my bday) :D
    Yeah, that dresser is old and well made - very sturdy. :)
    I hope he says yes to the betta tank. Its only about 10 more inches in length, and about 2 in width more.... what's 12 little inches? :p