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    Hello...I have a African cichlid.I have only had him home for a couple of days now.I haven't had much success in getting him to feed so far.Today I tried to feed him krill he ate it but soon spit it out?I thought maby he didn't like the soft shell on it so i tried to peel it.He grabbed it again but kept it in his mouth longer but still spit some of it out.They were small chunks of krill cause I cut them up.Tried a medium pellet that floats he grabbed 1 but again spit it out and will not attempt another.Tried african attack small pellets but they are really tiny and he seems uninterested?I am beginning to get worried about him I want him to eat.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.I am very new to this.Thanks.

    One other thing.When I buy frozen blood worms/krill etc.how do i feed it to him.I am assuming you thaw it out before attempting to feed it to him?Do blood worms make a mess of the water they seem pretty messy?They are very small as well do you drop a small pile in at once or try and feed 1 worm at a time?Thanks again.

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    Your fish may just need a little time to settle in before he starts to eat or he might be a fussy eater. Is it showing any other unusual behaviour like scratching/rubbing against objects in the tank, rapid gill rate/rapid breathing, any spots or other obvious injuries? Does the stomach appear bloated/fat? Most importantly what are the GH, KH, PH, Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate readings for your water if you know them?

    Defrost frozen food in a bit of tank water in a plastic cup. Just pour as much in the tank as the fish will eat in 2-3mins. Any leftovers can be stored in the fridge. Just leave the extra in the water in the cup & wrap the whole lot up in a plastic bag.
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    Good morning. Some fish take longer than others to acclimate to their new environment. If you've only had him for a couple of days then I wouldn't worry just yet. Some of my Silver Dollars took a week to 10 days to become active and feel like they were home.
    Best of luck!