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    Hey there :) So yea i have a few questions about my air pump (Fusion Quiet Power 500) such as, Can i place it in the cabinets under my 40 gallon aquarium? It will be about 3 feet below the water line, i have a check valve installed. I've read a few posts online saying that a check valve isn't necessarily a "fix" in cases where a certain person wants to place the pump under the water line and out of site. Others say its fine and i won't have to worry about it. The next question relates to the noise it makes, not from the vibration but from the extra air outlet it has (total of two, only one is being used). Can i plug one of those outlets or will that cause damage to the diaphragm in the pump? I also have the dial cranked up to maximum... which is probably a bad idea since i don't really need that much power but haven't gotten around to testing just how much that dial should be turned so i have adequate pressure in my bubble wall (which is the only thing connected to this pump). Thanks for any helpful info :)
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    Hello and Welcome to Fishlore! :;hi2

    I use fusion air pumps and own 4 or 5 myself. I have several in cabinets under the aquarium, they tell you to place it above the water line in case it shuts off to prevent water from siphoning into the unit and wrecking it.

    The best setup imo, would be to get a gang valve, I like this one:

    You can then hook both outlets of the pump to the dual inlets of the gang valve which also has an integral check valve so you're safe from siphoning out your tank. You then hook you air devices to the outlets on the gang valve, leaving one unused. Open all valves all the way and then began slowly closing your valve you left unused until you are getting the amount of air out of you airstone you want. Venting the extra air pressure throughh an open valve helps prevent back pressure which can damage your pump.

    If you don't want a gang valve, as a mickey mouse protection plan I have also cut the airline just where it goes over the lip of the tank and loosely connect it with a coupler, this way if it comes apart anywhere, it should be at the loosely connected coupler at the top of the tank preventing any siphoning.
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    Thanks for the welcome and the info Matt :)
    Yea i've been thinking of getting a gang valve but i wonder if that would be replacing one eyesore with another :p unless that gang valve doesn't really show, idk i've never had one before. I'll look into a few different models and decide soon. The mickey mouse fix seems ok too :p
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    No problem. :)
    I know what you mean! Thats why I like the one I linked, it's the most unobtrusive of the hang on type I could find and it also has little flow rate monitors for each outlet, you can see the little red pellets in the picture. I bought one of those cheap bright yellow ones once, talk about an eyesore!